busLast night we told you about the letter that was written to the CEO in the Department of Transport Candelaria Saldivar by 11 Northern Bus Operators who are completely dissatisfied with the new routes and schedules issued to them during a meeting held on Tuesday in Belmopan.

CTV3 News understands that the letter was delivered personally to Candelaria Saldivar yesterday by a group of Northern Bus Operators who are demanding a meeting with the Ministry of Transport no later than Tuesday May 17th to avoid any conflicts within the Bus Industry in Northern Belize.

Reports are that many of the changes in the runs and schedules are politically motivated, and we have been told that BBOC was given northern runs because their western route will now be taken over by another company from the far west with political connections. But we also understand that BBOC is not in agreement with the runs given to them just to accommodate another bus company with political ties. Today when we spoke to bus operators we were made to understand that that several ministers have become involved in the situation in order to avoid a complete chaos.

We were also told that many of the bus operators have lost their runs. Chells bus service, we understand, lost its runs from Belize to Chetumal while Cabreras Bus Service lost their runs from Orange Walk to Belize and Belize to Chetumal and their village runs from San Juan to Orange Walk. T-Line reportedly lost some 3 runs while the Sarteneja Bus Line lost 4 runs. The new bus routes and schedules for the Northern Zone are to take effect on May 22nd.

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#1 TD 2011-05-13 22:02
so what will the bus operators plan to do? will the bus operators let the politics run the show and starve their own? :eek:

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