Hipolito_Novelo_5News coming out of Chetumal Quintana Roo tonight is that Orange Walk resident Ermelindo Vasquez and Hugo Cassanova of Corozal Town, along with the alleged Mexican drug lord of the Pelones in Chetumal Carlos Cabañas Catzin aka “El Monstruo”, Nestor Alberto Catzin Cabañas, Luis Juárez López, Alejandro Lugo Courtenay, Fabiola Lopez Juarez and Patricia Rosa Morales Olán will face trial for the charge of drug possession for the purpose of sale.

Upon expiration of the constitutional term extension that requested to resolve the legal status of the accused and after analyzing in detail the case file, the Judge of the Sixth District Court found sufficient evidence to prosecute the eight alleged drug smugglers.

As a result, at midnight on Friday, the Sixth District Court issued a warrant for the arrest of the eight individuals who will now remain in prison until the end of their trial which has no date for commencement as yet.

Viewers might recall that on February 7th members of the Mexican Navy conducted a sting operation at the home of Carlos Cabañas Catzin located on Avenida Benito Juarez between Camelias and Justo Sierra, Colonia Jesus Martinez Ross in Chetumal, where they found 45 kilograms of the synthetic drug known as crystal meth valued at approximately one million U.S dollars. 50 thousand doses of the substance were ready for distribution and retail marketing. Of note is that Melin Vasquez and Hugo Cassanova have been pinpointed as the two main distributors of the drugs which are believed entered Mexico from Belize. We will follow the case closely and bring you the updates as they unfold.

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+1 #1 el gallito 2013-02-19 20:22
I think the judge will give Hugo Casanova and Vasquez 20years. They deserve more for poisoning kids with that stuff. We should ask Mexico to help us with the navy to deal with druglords here in Belize. Because this guys are not drugdealers they are druglords. Sorry for their familiy but I guess they enjoyed the dirty money for many years. They knew this will happen sooner or later.

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