Education week is being celebrated from the 3rd to the 15th of May this year. For the celebrations different schools are carrying out diverse activities to commemorate the day, and spelling contests, reading contests, and health sessions are all part of the agenda for this year. Today our news team visited the Trial Farm Government School where infant two and standard five children were participating in a health session carried out by the Community and Parenting Organization (COMPAR) and the Belize Family Life Association.

Yari Catzim- Reporting

Trial Farm Government School has held spelling contests, reading contests and social studies contests during the week, and to round it off today standard five and infant two students were visited by members of COMPAR and BFLA.

nazNazira Romero- Principal Trial Farm Government School

“We notice that every year around this time teachers on and off call in people from BFLA to talk to them about good touch and bad touch because we believe that it is very important topic whereby students of a very young age should know what is right and what is wrong. There are times that children come in and say this is happening to me and I believe that because of these sessions children realize that if someone touches them in their private it is not right. We do good touch bad touch for the infant division and then in the middle division which is standard three and four we do puberty and then standard five and six we do a session on sexual reproduction.”

COMPAR representative Camy Cajun spoke to them about drugs, and to aid the children in getting the message she provided them with scenarios which they dramatized.

Camy Cajun- COMPAR

“We are talking about different topics like gender and drug abuse we are also talking about puberty development and sexuality. After we do a presentation with them we want to make sure that the children get the information so we give them scenarios and then they do their presentations.”

Yari Catzim- Reporter

“Do you think that it is an effective program to help these children prevent doing drugs and doing bad sexual choices?”

Camy Cajun- COMPAR

“It is I think the HFLE Program here at the schools is very important because it gives them and it creates awareness to help them make better choices so teaching them about the basic information and giving them that tool to make the decision is going to help them a lot.”

For the infant two students “Good Touch and Bad Touch” were today’s topic. To make the topic easier for these children facilitator Carmen Mendez was tasked with breaking it down for the students.

Carmen Mendez- BFLA Facilitator

“This morning I came to do a session on child abuse but with the infant one, infant two and standard one, we turned it to good touch and bad touch so that the children can understand it.”

Above all the school has seen the positive results of holding such sessions, says Principal Nazirra Romero.

Nazira Romero- Principal Trial Farm Government School

“I think that as parents we have to put our effort because the school can only do so much but the parents have to help at home as well.”

A similar activity was carried out at the Louisiana Government School and the San Victor RC School throughout the day.

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