On Monday May 9th a 17 year old female high school student from the village of Buena Vista in the Cayo District took her own life by drinking Gramaxone. Reports are that Glenda Carranza swallowed the deadly poison after she became involved with a cult known as EMO which reportedly stands for Evil Must Overcome.

If our count is right Carranza is the third female who has taken her life after allegedly coming under the EMO spell. Just the thought of having our youth involved in a cult is the stuff of nightmares, but the reality of the situation is that there seems to be a trend when it comes to these young women committing suicide and the word EMO always pops up.

According to Pastor Antonette Young the reality is that evil is on the loose and parents need to make their children aware of the situation by talking to them.

youngPastor Antonette Young

“The devil is lose and he is attacking the weak ones and our Young people are very vulnerable to all these colts, these practises that is not of God, anything that is done in darkness is not of God, and I am encouraging our young people do not mix with things that is evil, do not play with that weggie board, do not go into colts where you are marking up yourselves, you are tattooing yourselves, parents need to understands what their children are getting involve with and I am here if you need somebody to talk to if you are hurt and need somebody to talk to I am here for them.”

Here in Orange Walk the news about the EMO cult is the stuff of conversation, but not much else YET. However, Young says that she has received a number of reports about primary school students acting rather strangely at school.

Antonette Young- Pastor

“There is a young person that is coming to me and says that there is a certain school that is practising the weggie board or that mental thing, you know, and making pencils move children don’t touch those things, those things are from the devil, and let me tell you about evil spirits, evil spirits leaves one body and goes around looking to dwell in places and when they cannot find that dwell in place which is the human being they come back with seven more. We don’t need those evil spirits in our bodies we need the Holy Spirit that will manifest itself in us and keep us in the path of righteousness and Holiness.”

Reports are that before dying Glenda Carranza told the Chairman of Buena Vista Village that she drank the Gramaxone because one of her friends who is also in the EMO cult told her that she would not die and that her family would become rich. Carranza also managed to tell the village chairman that on Tuesdays and Fridays they would go to the cemetery and pray to the devil after school.

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