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  • Speaker Of The House Signs MOU With FOPREL And SICA

    Friday, 07 September 2018 02:44
  • New International Flight Headed To Belize

    Friday, 07 September 2018 02:46
  • 224 Farmers Graduate From Farmers Field School

    Friday, 07 September 2018 03:09

palmarOn Saturday morning the Palmar Village Council inaugurated three projects achieved in its first year of being elected by Palmar residents. The Council has been working hard without the assistance of Government in order to achieve what they promised during its campaign.

With the support of members of the community, including Doctor Marco Tulio Mendez and the Palmar Youth Group, Womens Group, Church Group, and the Lands and Working Committee the Village Council was able to construct a bus stop located by the roundabout near Bowen and Bowen Limited. Another project that was completed was the refurbishing of a small building used as a bar during special events.

Orlando Ayuso - Councilor Palmar Village Council

“We achieve this through community work it a community based project. When we were elected the people asked us to be neutral and that’s what we have been doing no we been working with everybody no matter their political affiliation, their religious affiliation, their ethnicity and due to that the people of Palmar have come together to do projects and we saw the need for a bus stop, it was one of our campaign promise and we delivered. Each year when we have the Palmar fiesta, we see the need for a multipurpose of a bar and kitchen so we created an idea to convert what we call our tamazuca or our little bar into a kitchen and we refurbished this tamazuca, it costs us about five thousand dollars to refurbished and again the money came from the community.”

The building will be used by each group to raise funds of their own.

Orlando Ayuso - Councilor Palmar Village Council

“Originally it was just an L building we took off the roof and raised the entire building by three blocks height, we put on a new roof which is bigger and now the space in front of the L is now one big square we fixed the floor, the bar section and we put in the fixtures for us to have running water. We don’t have running water at the moment because we have a little issue with the water board, who doesn’t want to connect us but w will find an amicable solution within the next week and we put on a permanent stove with some big burners so that the ladies don’t have to be wasting time to heat up their oil when they are cooking it, just put it on and in a few seconds its’ hot and ready to go.”

As mentioned, Doctor Marco Tulio Mendez is just one of the many sponsors who helped make the projects a reality. On Saturday he told CTV3 that Village Councils such as the one in Palmar should be applauded for their constant effort in upgrading their community.

mendezDoctor Marco Tulio Mendez OW East Standard Bearer Candidate

“Es algo de aplaudir no, este grupo de Palmar se mira es un grupo muy organizado. El Village Council está bien organizado, tiene su grupo de mujeres, su grupo de la cultura, grupo de la gente sabía, mayor no, en las cuales se ayudan mutuamente para ayudar al grupo de jóvenes porque en ellos descansa el futuro del país, pero vemos que el país está bastante desorganizado a la alta violencia que tenemos pero estas cosas positivas que tenemos en esta aldea mira uno que ay futuro, que realmente la gente lucha para mejorar su área de vivir. El hecho que ya ay una cocina comunitaria diríamos toda la gente de Palmar está muy orgullosa y todos de alguna manera van a beneficiarse de ello. El hecho que el Village Council pudo obtener ayudas de varias entidades eso simplemente nos dice que se pueden lograr las cosas con esfuerzo y con personas en la aldea que dan un poco para ayudar a las aldeas que están más necesitadas.”

On Saturday the Village Council also inaugurated its office located near to the community center. The office will be open every Sunday from 9:00am to midday.

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