marcelThis afternoon Prime Minister Dean Barrow and the UDP government added public humiliation to insult to the injury of duly elected Orange Walk East Area Representative Honorable Marcel Cardona.

One month ago the Honorable Cardona was informed by UDP Chairman Patrick Faber that he had been constructively dismissed and was no longer considered a member of the UDP. To ensure that the point was driven home, last week at the regular sitting of the House of Representatives the UDP attempted to punk Cardona, relegating him to a seat at the very end of the Opposition backbench under the designation non-affiliated. 

And today the UDP took public humiliation to a new level, sending high level Police personnel to remove the vehicle assigned to Cardona. And despite Cardona informing them that he was prepared to hand over the vehicle only to somebody duly authorized in writing to collect the government vehicle, the Police wasnt having it. They were prepared with a tow truck and did what they had to do.

Well have much more on this story in tomorrows newscast. Be sure to tune in then, and also in the morning as the Honorable Cardona will be a special guest on Despierta Belice.

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