He has been ostracized from the UDP and given persona non grata status…his so-called constructive resignation has been approved in writing by Chairman Patrick Faber. His public humiliation was on the UDP agenda at the House of Representatives when his chair was moved to the far end of the Opposition backbench…and his government-assigned vehicle was repossessed by Police yesterday. The truth is that the message being sent out to the Honourable Marcel Cardona couldnt be any clearer, but the fellow just refuses to go quietly into that goodnight, it seems. This morning Cardona was on Despierta Belice and after that appearance we took the opportunity to speak to him. First we asked about his new placement in the House of Representatives.

Hon. Marcel Cardona OW East Area Representative

“It doesn’t matter where they put me, once it is in the confines within the House of Representatives and I continue to able to voice the peoples’ concern before the National Assembly I will continue to do so, even if they want to put me on the far corner, even if they want to put me by the door even if they want to put me next to the garbage can wherever they want to put me make them try humiliate me in whatever way they can, you know something, they aren’t going to stop me, that is not going to dissuade me from continuing to do what I believe is my sacred duty on behalf of the good people of Orange Walk East.”

And of course, we had to ask about yesterdays incident with the vehicle which was hauled away in an operation utilizing the top brass of the Orange Walk Police Department.

Screen_shot_2011-05-18_at_6.43.22_PMHon. Marcel Cardona OW East Area Representative

“I was a bit shocked to find out that the police have cordoned off an entire area, perhaps the Orange Walk police did not received the news that Bin Laden had already been killed in Pakistan, perhaps they thought that bin Laden was hiding out by my office because they cordoned off the entire area, they stopped media personnel like yourselves from been able to come nearby my office at the time they were executing or carrying out this so called secretive operation. They were threatening an amateur camera person from snapping pictures and taking pictures. The Superintendent of police an officer in charge of the police station came out in plain clothes directing this operation. It was as if I was a terrorist, I committed some huge offence, some huge crime something, all the police top brass coming to deal with what a handing over of a vehicle so all that happened yesterday with the presence of so many police officers and this and that as if I was going to come out with a machine gun and start shooting people etcetera, I mean it was unnecessary, it was un called for and in my estimation it was intended to further humiliate, not me, to embarrass and humiliate the people of Orange Walk East.”

By his own account, Cardona came into politics believing in what he had been fed by Prime Minister Dean Barrow, but the treatment of his people has made him realize that things have certainly changed in his Party.

Hon. Marcel Cardona OW East Area Representative

“What I am seeing around in particular after being elected has been victimization upon victimization, punishment upon punishment being to myself as the duly elected representative of the people and by extension the good people of Orange Walk East. Many of the goods and services that the good people of the Orange Walk East have not received to date has not been because there has been a lack of will, political will to carry it out on m y part, but it has been deliberate and consistent stumbling blocks that have been placed in the part if the development, the progress I intended to bring to the good people of Orange Walk East, take for example the Orange Walk High School, we had already received half a million dollars, five hundred thousand dollars allocated from the social investment fund towards the building of that and merely by one decision the whole project came to a screeching halt.”

And…from the issues facing his constituents to the issues facing the nation…Cardona pulled no punches and spared no feelings when he lashed out at the UDP for the unemployment statistics which were recently released.

Hon. Marcel Cardona OW East Area Representative

“In the last two weeks of so, I’ve been shocked at the news coming from the Statistical Institute of Belize that unemployment has sky rocked to a twenty three percent, this in unprecedented in recent recorded history for Belize. As far as I am aware I believe that the United Democratic Party was speaking that unemployment was at an all time high in 2008 when unemployment was at around eight point two percent, now for government to have to admit that unemployment has reached twenty three percent my friend it means then that when I spoke out in the House of Representatives when I said that there that so many people are without jobs in Orange Walk East, it only adds support to what I said and they all laughed when I said that, they disbelieved my comments but the truth is there is the proof.”

So whats the feeling towards the UDP right about now, according to the man who spent significant time in the belly of the beast, so to speak?

As youve heard, the Orange Walk East Area Representative had quite a lot to say. We couldnt possibly use all of it today, but trust us when we say we saved the best for last. Tune in tomorrow when Cardona tells us what he really thinks about Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega and sends a very strong message to Prime Minister Dean Barrow.

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