Benjamin Popper, an elder resident of Orange Walk Town, visited our studios today to share a tragic experience and one which has left him with a painful medical condition. The incident occurred while he was working for UDP political aspirant Denny Grijalva more than three weeks ago.

Screen_shot_2011-05-18_at_6.46.22_PMBenjamin Popper

“I am a welder no, I use to for them last year winning thirty five dollars a day until sudden the job got over so they started to give me piece work , anytime they have anything broken they come looking for me and I go work for them they gave me one twenty five or thirty dollars all depends on how long I take, but the sixteen of April , I was doing a job for him and nearly finished when he told me about something else to do and one pipe about six feet height dropped on my back and they had to take me to the hospital . I took twelve day in the hospital, he paid three days medical and the balance nine days I had to get the money up. The Specialist told me that my spinal cord is twist and my shoulder bone is out of place and I have to get therapy but whilst staying in the hospital one Mennonite told that there is this Mennonite in camp eight Mr. Abraham and he charges cheap so when I left the hospital I went to see Denny and he told me he hasn’t hear about him and it took Denny eight days to come look for me after I left the hospital.”

Popper says that he has sent to Grijalva for assistance with his therapy and medical expenses but so far all attempts have been futile. Popper lives by himself and with the injuries he has sustained he cannot fend for himself.

Benjamin Popper

“The Mennonite only charged him twenty dollars and he told me that I need ten therapies, every four days I suppose to go there and he only took me there only one time and then he didn’t take me again.”

Yari Catzim-Reporter

“Did he help you out in any other way?”

Benjamin Popper

“No, no, no way, no kind of money, no kind of nothing. I send for him because I needed to get my treatment, you understand, I don’t pressure the man because he used to help me many times because we use to work together like that, but these days I send for him but he says that he don’t have time, the vehicle is at the police station because it doesn’t have any licence and I am losing money and am getting worst now. This is something very serious just look at me, my foot is getting swollen look at it.”

Yari Catzim-Reporter

“Do you plan to take any court action against him since you got injured whilst you were at work?”

Benjamin Popper

“Well, I don’t have any money with me so what can I do.”

Popper is in urgent need of medical assistance. If there is anyone who would like to assist him they can visit our studios and well be happy to assist with arrangements.

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