Last night we aired the first part of an interview with Orange Walk East Area Representative Marcel Cardona, and we promised you that wed saved the best for last. So tonight we start with Cardonas opinion of Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega. Their relationship has not been a bed of roses by any measure.

Screen_shot_2011-05-19_at_7.47.20_PMHon. Marcel Cardona OW East Area Representative

“Well, certainly I do believe that he is a two face jealous essentially right, the he presents a face to most people smiley face etcetera but behind it he is prepared to insert the knife, you know push the knife into your back and that is something I’ve been learning from before the election and I continue to learn after the election when he and several members of the current government have made it abundantly clear

that they don’t need independent thinker like myself , they don’t need the so called swing voters like myself, now that they have won they only need the traditional UDP’s, and I think that that is a message that we are not suppose to forget, the Belizean people ought to be reminded of this and to be warned, to be very careful form those politicians that come to you and try to garner your support and at the ending of the day after they have gotten what they wanted they’ve going to leave you on the road side.”

According to Cardona, his constructive dismissal by the UDP is, to put it nicely, a pile of crap orchestrated by the UDP leadership which wants him out of the Party by any means.

Hon. Marcel Cardona OW East Area Representative

“Remember that the word Constructive Resignation in labour law, it is something that is available to the employee, to the victim and not to the employer, no to the or by extension to the political party, so by they saying that they have I have constructively resigned it is tantamount to labour law the employee going to the courts and saying, you know something they created such a hostile environment for me that I could no longer remain an employee of so and so. So when Patrick Farber and the UDP said that I have constructively resign it is tantamount to saying to them admitting that they have created such a hostile environment for me that it is impossible for me to remain a member of the UDP. Some attorneys are indicating that according to case law, international case law, even if I had voted against a measure of the government of Belize that would not have amounted to crossing the floor because crossing the floor requires actually requires that you proceed to join some other political party meaning that you have by implication, and use the word by implication, because they used it also, by implication you have resign from the other party in order to be able to join the other party, the only thing is that you have not officially tendered your resignation yet.”

During an appearance on Despierta Belice yesterday, Cardona stated bluntly that if the Prime Minister needs to learn respect, then he and the Orange Walk Upliftment Committee are prepared to teach it. We think its obvious that the UDP has not seen the last of Marcel Cardona.

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