It has been 16 years since the Life Enhancement Association for People (LEAP) started making trips to Belize to offer their services. The surgical team works along with the Rotary Club of Orange Walk and the Northern Regional Hospital to offer surgery to patients free of cost.

Rafael Avila is a member of the Rotary Club of Orange Walk and told us more about the LEAP medical mission.

Screen_shot_2011-05-19_at_7.46.08_PMRafael Avila- Rotary Club - Orange Walk

“It is Something that the rotary club has organize, has work on from the very beginning and we are proud to say that we bring these medical doctors to assist the Belizean public. We have them operating, doing surgical operations in different features of the face, deformities, ear deformities, nose, we have doctors coming in for eyes for prosthetic eyes and hands as well. When there are tumours coming out in the hands of persons these doctors operate on them. This year’s we having a big team, is a total of thirty three of them who will be coming in to support and to also lend hand in this mission.”

Cranio-facial plastic surgery which includes cleft lip, cleft palate, ear reconstruction, burns, facial deformities and disfiguring injuries are among the surgeries performed. Every year the medical mission has been a success as patients around the district benefit.

Rafael Avila- Rotary Orange Walk

“Every year there is a lot of people who get operate, I remember one time, there was this guy who was getting married and a prosthetic eye was put on him, you know when he got married, instead of having a patch on one eye he actually looked normal so you know he was grateful. Cleft-pallet children, you know there is a that they get three operation so, if they got operated last year they would get a follow up operation so that they would look like normal children and when they grow up they would look like normal people and no one can make fun of them or anything. They are people that are born without an ear and these doctors they form an ear and eventually they look presentable to the eyes of the public out here so they come out feeling grate, looking good. Every year we have around thirty, forty, fifty of this patience that comes out from these operations feeling grate, feeling good.”

Evaluations for patients will be held on May 27th at the Northern Regional Hospital at 5:30pm and assistance will be offered on a first come first served basis.

Rafael Avila- Rotary Orange Walk

“If you need to have a surgical operation is it for the face or the ears, the nose or the throat you know we have ENT doctors that are coming in we ask you to come in and put down your names at Lupe, Lupe Ake is the one who is taking down names at the Northern Regional Hospital and this year we are implementing a different system as a first come first serve bases. The persons that subscribe put down their names or register in other words, their names are the ones given a number, these persons are going to be the one who will be tend it first. We have a list of children and lists for adults from about twelve years over are considered adults and below the age of twelve years are consider children, so as the persons come in and register they will be given a number and those numbers will be the ones used on Friday.”

For more information you can call 322-2072 and ask for Nurse Lupe. Remember that all surgeries are free of cost.

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