On Sunday May 22nd the Orange Peoples Stadium will be filled with activity as Orange Walkenos celebrate Orange Walk Day. The Orange Walk Jockey Club has organized a Horse Racing Event that promises to be as exciting as it sounds with only the best horses competing for the grand prize of six thousand dollars sponsored by the Honorable John Briceno and Raul Cuello.

When we visited the Peoples Stadium this morning we found members of the Jockey Club hard at work constructing new stalls for the horses and fixing the horse track.

Screen_shot_2011-05-19_at_7.45.23_PMDouglas Wood- VP - Orange Walk Jockey Club

“This is where they are going to be logged out; we are putting out permanent stables, this way we don’t have to be redoing every time we have a race these are going to be permanently out here from now on, we just got through levelling off the track with pine ridge sand which is comparable with the track at boom so guys that use to go to boom to work out, to race out there they don’t have to go anymore, we have the same track here in Orange Walk

While the Orange Walk Sports Council assisted with the sand and lumber members of the Orange Walk Jockey Club volunteered their time to do the hard labor. But at the end of the day when all the horses set off on the race track all the work will be worthwhile.

Douglas Wood- VP - Orange Walk Jockey Club

“We ‘re going to have two very important races, the sprint which is going to be contested between like twenty four-K, blessed Kid, kiss them and leave them, initial kiss and then we have the miles, which will be contested for the first time. Perfect Storm will be coming here that’s’ the mile champ at this moment so she’ll be going up against the light of Britney’s Choice, Dawn also Faito, that’s one of the horses from Cuello’s stables. Overdrive, I can never remember that first name, Overdrive, if she get into that race she’ll be with the track that we have now, she’ll be doing a lot of closing on , I would assume Perfect Storm and Britney’s Choice. These races meet promises to be one of the best we’ve had in years.”

After the horse race there will be a grand concert with the Youth Connection Band, Super Furia and Continental Cat and Supa G. Entrance fee will be $5.00 per person.

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