And for all you horse lovers - be sure to tune in to CTV3 tomorrow right after the news for a live show hosted by Ladrick Sheppard. This is the second year that the show is being aired in order to give horse racing more recognition. The show is based on the investment of individuals who are in the sport and according to Sheppard whom we spoke with today, this year the show will not only feature horses from Orange Walk.

Screen_shot_2011-05-19_at_7.45.52_PMLadrick Sheppard- Host

“We went a Little more further we went to Belize City, Cayo and Corozal to see exactly, last year the show before was based on only Orange Walk and the excitement of doing this show once again was to more further, that the reason why we went as far as those districts this year. We went these different places to exactly   to speak a little bit to the owners, the trainers and the jockey on their perspective on what they love about this sport about Horse racing and how they are preparing for this big race in Orange Walk on the twenty second of May. We spoke about how they are preparing for this race, the individual time they take, what all they need to do in order to prepare for such a big race because it is not easy and especially like I said we are trying to give recognition or these individual people especially the owners of these horses that they invest a lot of money in that sport that does not give them nothing back in return.”

Sheppard, a horse lover himself, says the show is dedicated to the owners, trainers, jockeys and the many men and women who enjoy horse racing.

Ladrick Sheppard- Host

“This show is basically dedicated to all those horse owners and there are fans. You will see that sometimes people go out there they don’t have to own a horse but the excitement seeing these horses running on the track that’s most important than anything else and that is what the show is based on. To the entire horse owner and fans and the people that love this sport that much.”

The show will also feature special guest such as Dave Rosado, Chico Trejo and Chris Tillett. Again the show will air tomorrow night right after CTV3 News.

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