Public Service Information Day 2011 was celebrated in Orange Walk today at the Fort Cairns Market Plaza. Several Government booths were on display disseminating important information to the general public by handing out pamphlets, flyers and even carrying out demonstrations. The event attracted a number of spectators who were eager to learn more about the various government agencies which serve Belizeans on a daily basis. Here is some of the information and work that was on display today.

Carmelita Perez- Reporting

Screen_shot_2011-05-20_at_7.54.15_PMApproximately 15 Government agencies participated in Public Service Information Day 2011. Information was provided by the Orange Walk Lands Department while the Ministry of Agriculture had fresh vegetables and fruits produced by local farmers on display.

And then it was off to the heavy artillery which the Belize Defense Force had on exhibit.

Private Lopez- Belize Defense Force

“The Saw which is light weapon we use this in the bush we are practically trained to use this for war or if we are in the bush and we come under attack. This is very powerful it uses a chain whereby it is good and strong for defence. This right here is our light weight weapon too it is grenade launcher it is used to aim far and injury any distance enemy. Then we have our AR-15 that is used for any enclosed area and the M4 also it used for when you go into buildings and if an enemy is behind this wall you would go across using that weapon and it is lighter and more easier to handle to take down the enemy quicker.”

The Elections and Boundaries Department also took part in Information Day 2011 and while they were busy discussing with visitors the importance of exercising their vote, the Orange Walk Fire Department showed students some of the equipment used in case of a fire emergency.

Orin Smith- Orange Walk Fire Department

“This is a power unit this is used to operate these two tools this is called a combination tool it has a spreader and cutter. It is used either to push between the doors where the latch is and tear the door opened when it is jammed or you can use the cutting blade to cut the pillars of the roof so that the medical persons can get to the victim and we the rescuers and rescue the people from the fire.”

Public Service Information Day was organized mainly for Belizeans to be informed about the different types of services offered by the Government of Belize. This year the aim was to attract students who in the future would want to work in the Public Service.

Elena Carballo- District Rep. Public Service

“We are trying to target the schools because when the kids come out from school and looking for jobs we are giving them all the information needed to try and convince them to join the Government Service. We deal with the public every single day in our office so it is important for the public to know which office they need to go when they need certain information and for whatever you need.”

And if you wanted to learn more about culture and art, the Banquitas House of Culture also had a booth on display.

Celie Rivero- Banquitas House Of Culture

“We have to give away the Orange Walk Book which has all the information that we do at the House of Culture so whenever one wants to go and visit the House of Culture we have some Mayan Artefacts, we have Cultural displays, we have antiques and we also have exhibits that we change monthly. For the month of March we had the Women in Art 2011 and for the month of June we will have “Hombres En Arte” where we will have different art pieces done by different men’s from Orange Walk to display to the public. Today we also have some give away for example t-shirts we asked questions to the children and whenever they answer correct we give them, t-shirts and little giveaways and that helps them to grasp the information and when we ask them questions we know that they are learning from our history and culture.”

When it comes to the health sector information could be obtained on cancer, blood pressure and also on the importance of wearing a condom.

Noelie Pott- HECOPAB

“We are trying to demonstrate the female condom because the female condom is not common out there. This is the female condom this is quiet big this is how it looks whenever the female is going to put in the condom you have to hold it this way and then you insert it in the vagina like this. It takes the position inside on its own. With the finger the woman inserts it in. The female condom is big enough to protect the vagina outside when the penis come in then that does the final job. When the sexual action is complete the female just twist the condom around pull it out and dispose of it. The condom protects the female from HIV and other sexual transmitted diseases.”

Other organizations that participated in todays event are ITVET and Citizens on Patrol.Screen_shot_2011-05-20_at_7.53.54_PM

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