Screen_shot_2011-05-20_at_7.53.42_PMOur newsroom was able to confirm today that effective September, 2011, the Orange Walk Technical High School will have a new name. Thats right for some reason which eludes us, the school will now be known as the Elodio Aragon Technical High School.

In a letter dated May 20, 2011 Chairlady of the Board of Management of the school Enid Moralez informs parents and guardians that, and I quote The Ministry of Education and Youth has informed the Board of Management of our school that the name of the Orange Walk Technical High School will be changed to Elodio Aragon Technical High School effective September, 2011, the beginning of the new school year 2011/2012. Official ceremonies in connection with the name change will be held in September 2011…”

When we said that the reason for the name change eludes us perhaps that wasnt exactly true. There is no doubt that the motive is political…a sort of pat on the back for an old UDP soldier. Weve seen it done before, like when the Queen Square Market in Belize City was renamed the Michael Finnigan Market.

Today we were unable to get comment from the Education Office in Orange Walk or from the Ministry of Education in Belmopan. When we spoke to Chairlady of the Board of Management Enid Moralez, she told us only that the name change wasnt requested by the school, but came directly from the Ministry of Education.

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