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  • Xate Blooming In The Forest Reserve

    Tuesday, 10 July 2018 01:56
  • Price for Regular Gasoline and Kerosene Reduce

    Tuesday, 10 July 2018 02:02
  • Well Known City Figure Charged For Courts Robbery In Corozal

    Tuesday, 10 July 2018 02:07
  • Ambassadors Present Credentials To Governor General

    Tuesday, 10 July 2018 02:14
  • Preliminary Figures For Re-Registration Released

    Tuesday, 10 July 2018 02:22

marin_On Sunday the United Democratic Party held its convention at Corozal Southwest to elect its Standard Bearer for the upcoming general elections as incumbent Minister Gabriel Martinez was challenged by Andrei Marin. At the end of the day, after all the votes were counted, Martinez was declared victorious with 1,210 votes while Marin received 1,150 votes.

But tonight residents of Corozal Southwest, at least those belonging to the United Democratic Party and who voted for Andrei Marin are crying foul and say that the election, apart from being undemocratic, was manipulated by the hierarchy of the U.D.P.

Voter for Andrei Marin

“El día de la convención cuando a Marin le dieron su máster list no era el mismo que los scrutiniers y los officials usaron adentro. Porque te digo esto porque hubo muchas personas que nosotros coincidimos Martinez y Marin quedaron de acuerdo en ciertas personas que no iban a votar de seas personas hubo que si pudieran votar pero desgraciadamente fueron personas que votaron para Martínez y no para Andrei. Yo estoy bien decepcionada porque nuestro partido que se dice ser un partido democrático ese día fue un partido de corrupción porque ese día estuvieron 10 miembros de gabinete en la convención apoyando a Martínez. Andrei estuvo solo, nadie del gabinete lo apoyo.”

Roberto Campos- Chairman - San Narciso Village

“El abuso del poder, la dictadura, cosa que nosotros nunca esperamos que sucediera en nuestra partido y creo que es una pena decir que la decepción que hemos levado sinceramente no lo esperábamos, no lo esperábamos.”

Claims that votes were being bought and voters were intimidated were also made today. According to Marins supporters another tune would have been played if the elections were carried out democratically, since residents of Corozal Southwest were ready to kick Martinez to the curb due to his incompetence and lack of leadership.

Voter Andrei Marin

“Nosotros amamos a nuestro partido creímos ver mejoramiento por eso nosotros estábamos apoyando a Andrei. Lastimosamente el señor Martínez gano pero gano bajo corrupción comprando a la gente con dinero. El cambio estaba obvio lo que sucedió la corrupción eso fue todo porque nosotros teníamos la mayoría de la gente. Es un Ministro pero lastimosamente el no trabajo para su pueblo el abandono a su pueblo, el no quiso trabajar para su pueblo. Ahora que el señor Marin se postulo para correr nosotros le podemos darle gracias a Andrei porque así el ministro salió de donde estaba y salió a campanear y a visitar a la gente.”

Roberto Campos- Chairman San Narciso Village

“Si nosotros estamos conscientes que el señor Martínez no ah trabajado en esta área.”

Reports are that some 30 to 40 persons, allegedly supporters of Marin, were still in line waiting to vote when the polling station was declared closed by Chairman of the Party Patrick Faber before four oclock.

Voter Andre Marin

“Bien decepcionada con mi partido, con mis ministros, porque la verdad no debían de levar ese titulo de ministros porque el domingo se rebajaron, sus principios, sus morales se les fue hasta al suelo. Es triste ver eso en nuestro partido un partió democrático que antes estaba unido. Yo nada mas le quiero mandar un mensaje al señor Martínez que ahora el tiene algo que pensar estos mil ciento cincuenta votos él lo va a necesitar para las elecciones generales. Eso es el mensaje que yo le estoy mandando a el que él tiene que pensar sobre ello.”

Marins supporters say they will ask him to run independently.

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+1 #1 T.A.E. 2011-05-25 16:51
The election made in the Corozal South West Constituency was all manipulated by ministers of cabinet! Those “So Called Ministers” on the 22nd May 2011 showed who really they are using their power and corruption. Ministers such as Manuel Heredia, John Saldivar, Melvin Hulse, Booths Martinez and last but not least Patrick Faber used all the power to manipulate and buy votes for his college Martinez to win. It is really a pity on the way the Minister of Education Patrick Faber behaved on that day abusing of his power, using it only to intimidate voters. What such a minister of EDUCATION showing no MORALS and PRINCIPLES. Martinez had to bring cabinet members and make the elections open to win. He properly knows that only but only in that way he would win. NOW TO YOU MR. ANDREI MARIN I AM SO PROUD OF YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE OUR TRUE LEADER OF THE COROZAL SOUTH WEST, YOU ARE OUR WINNER!!! MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS WE NEED MORE PEOPLE LIKE YOU; YOU ARE THE EXPAMPLE TO FOLLOW!!!!!!!!!

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