As they say, there are two sides to every story. Earlier in this newscast you heard what the alleged victims of police brutality say happened, and today we headed to Corozal and got the Police version of the story. In the case of Yohermi Monima and Maity Garcia, Superintendent Gualberto Garcia, Officer In Charge of the Corozal Police Department told CTV3 News that while Monima and Garcia claim they were abused by police officers the department is still investigating to ascertain if excessive force was indeed utilized.

graciaSupt. Gualberto Garcia- O/C Corozal Police Department

“Two of them start quarrelling among themselves, the police officer got involve and as a result of it some force was used by police officers. One of the females was subdued and she was taken into custody, she was detained.”

Carmelita Perez –Reporter

“Why is it that police found the need to use force against these women were they retaliating?”

Supt. Gualberto Garcia- O/C Corozal Police Department

“Apparently these people were fighting among themselves and the police officers try to intervene and to calm the situation and they started aggressing the police officers and a such they had to use some force on them and at this point the investigation is focusing on the force they used ascertain that the force that was used was justified.”

As it pertains to the injuries allegedly sustained by Maity Garcia, Superintendent Garcia says a medical form was issued but the results have not been made known to Police.

Supt. Gualberto Garcia- O/C Corozal Police Department

“I am not sure how the person that was actually detained was escorted into the cell block, we are still investigating it. In regards to the other person who is claiming such injures I am not certain that person spoke to me on Friday, I directed that they be recorded a statement from them they were issued with medical forms and at this time we have not receive back the medical forms from the medical authorities. When we do so we shall know if in such injuries indeed exists.”

Carmelita Perez – Reporter

“Based on the investigation after it has been concluded, if the department finds that yes excessive force was used in this occasion what happens to the police officer?”

Supt. Gualberto Garcia- O/C Corozal Police Department

“Well these police officers they found that they went beyond their rank, it is just obvious that we have to deal with them disciplinarily and these persons that made the complaint against them will be required to come and testify against them but these police officers will also have a right to defend themselves.”

As mentioned by Garcia the matter is under investigation since a formal complaint has been made against the officers who were on shift on Thursday night when the incident occurred.

And in the second incident involving a Police Officer attached to the Caledonia Police Sub Station, two women Cruzita Ruiz and Margarita Pott, claim that on Sunday afternoon Officer Victor Guzman entered their home and slapped both of them.

Superintendent Garcia says that matter is also being investigated and if the officer is found at fault he will be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law.

Superintendent Gualberto Garcia - O/C Corozal Police Department

“The information that I received is that his dog received a chopped wound. He is alleging that he believes that it was inflicted by them so, as a police officer he went to inquire about the injure that his dog sustained and as a result of his approach these people and the officer got involved in a commotion which lead to all this thing that is happening right now in the media.”

Carmelita Perez-Reporter

“Is it being investigated also?”

Superintendent Gualberto Garcia - O/C Corozal Police Department

“Of course, these persons actually came to the station of Sunday, sometime in the night after the incident in the village and medical forms were issued and once we receive the forms back we will continue with the investigation.”

Carmelita Perez-Reporter

“The lady is claiming she was beaten by the officer.”

Superintendent Gualberto Garcia - O/C Corozal Police Department

“Well that is what they are claiming, they are claiming that the officer used excessive force against them and we have to investigate it we are dealing with it as professionally as possible.”

In both incidents the alleged victims have claimed that they will make a formal complaint to Internal Affairs in Belmopan.

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