policeThis morning five men, including two minors, were charged for robbery and harm when they appeared before Magistrate Linden Flowers this morning. Orange Walk Police believe they have enough evidence to prove that 29 year old Crispin Moreno, 20 year old Richard Berry, Alejandro Nunez and two minors 15 and 16 years of age robbed and beat Emiliano Sosa.

Reports indicate that on Saturday morning at around 1:30pm Sosa was walking along Aurora Street when he was approached by a group of men who began to beat him. The men then proceeded to rob Sosa of his cell phone, wrist watch, and one leather wallet containing $40.00 in cash and a Belize Bank and Scotia Bank Cash Card.

During this mornings hearing the prosecution, represented by Sergeant Julius Cantun, informed the Magistrate that further charges of attempted murder will be brought against all five men in connection with the robbery and brutal beating of Doctor Enrique Guerra which also occurred on Saturday morning.

While Moreno, Berry and Nunez were remanded to the Kolbe Correctional Facility the two minors were remanded to Boot Camp. All are scheduled to reappear before the Court on June 16th.

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