Screen_shot_2011-05-25_at_3.16.34_PMCorozal Police are still trying to decipher the cause of the sudden death of Honduran national Milton Munoz. Munozs dead body was found at around four yesterday evening by one of his neighbors just outside the back door of his house located in the Halls Layout area. When we arrived at the scene yesterday evening the body had already been carted away to the Corozal Community Hospital where it presently awaits a post mortem examination.

When we spoke to Police today we were informed that they are treating the case as a sudden death pending the results of the post-mortem examination. The house where Munoz resided with his wife and four month old daughter was intact and there were no signs of a struggle and no visible signs of violence on the body. We understand that Munoz was home alone when he died. When we spoke to neighbors off camera we were informed that no noise was heard coming from the house. Family members told CTV3 News that Munoz had never complained of any pain and as far as they were concerned he was not suffering from any illness.

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