Screen_shot_2011-05-25_at_5.57.04_PMBishop Martin High School held their Math Competition 2011 this afternoon at the Gala Lounge. The school selects representatives from first, second and third forms and places them in four groups to compete. Organized by teacher Lorelie Torres since the inception of the school, today the tradition is being kept alive by the Math Department of the school.

Todays challenge travelled the mathematics spectrum, from equations and geometry to ratio, proportion and algebra.

Maria Carrillo- Math Teacher – BMHS

“It is a competition of different topics in mathematics number theory geometry completion and almost all the topics that is involved in mathematics. It is comprised of the three levels, level one, level two and level three and then the three levels make one team. The teacher’s do their own class eliminations and then we chose who are going to be in the competition. First level has two representatives, second level has four and third level has six.”

The activity, according to the teacher, makes mathematics a friendlier subject to the students especially since it is not one of their favorites. But apart from sensitizing them on the topic, these students today are also preparing for the upcoming Math Olympiad.

Maria Carrillo Math Teacher – BMHS

“They are very excited and look forward for this math challenge however we only to it every two years.

Yari Catzim- Reporter

“Do you see that this in anyway helps them to get motivated to study math because we know that math is not a favourite topic.”

Maria Carrillo- Teacher Bishop Martin High School

“It is a motivation for them and I could see that they are getting ready for the Math Olympiad and since Bishop Martin is the one who started the Math Olympiad they are getting ready for that too. That is why we are taking out candidates because of the Math Olympiad.”

Team one got 40 points, team two got 225 points, team three got no points and team four got 200 points. The winners will receive their awards later this week.

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