busAt news time tonight, the situation in the bus industry is unchanged, but that promises to change very soon. Sources tell us that representatives of the Belizean Bus Association, some Northern Bus Operators, C.O.L.A., taxi unions and Belizeans for Justice are still locked down in a closed door meeting in Belize City.

While we were unable to get comment from any of the players, we have been reliably informed that CEO in the Ministry of Transport Candelaria Saldivar has responded to the deadline and demands issued to GOB by the Belizean Bus Association. According to reports, she has flatly denied the request for the removal of Westlin and the reinstatement of BBOC on the western route.

We think its safe to say that this issue wont gently fizzle and go away, and well have much more on this story in tomorrows newscast.

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