policeA preliminary inquiry was held yesterday in the case against Dean Davis for the murder of 17 year old Enir Sutherland. The incident occurred on April 18th of last year when the 17 year old Enir Sutherland was hanging out with some friends at a cement building located on Sapodilla Street in the Louisiana Area.

Present at the time was Enir Sutherland, Dean Davis, Julio Cocom, Michael Aragon, Alejandro Nunez, Manuel Aragon and Lloyd Moss. It is believed that an argument ensued between Davis and Sutherland, after which Davis took out a machete from his pants and inflicted cut wounds on Sutherlands chest, back of the head and left side of face. The injury to the chest was the fatal blow and Enir Sutherland was pronounced dead on arrival at the Northern Regional Hospital.

Following Police investigations Dean Davis was charged for murder and since then has been remanded. Yesterdays PI takes the case one step closer to trial. Of note is that of the 14 witnesses scheduled for the prosecution, one is dead and the other is nowhere to be found. So the prosecutions case will hinge on 12 witnesses and six exhibits which will be presented.

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