Elegance Boutique opened its doors to the public two weeks ago after holding its first fashion show at the Gala Lounge. The event featured dresses for a variety of occasions including weddings and the very important and upcoming proms. The boutique has decided to hold another fashion show this weekend to showcase even more creative ideas brought to life. Today our news team stopped in for a preview of coming attractions.

Yari Catzim- Reporting

Screen_shot_2011-05-26_at_8.26.55_PMMinerva Gallego - Elegance Boutique

“We had a fashion show and because of the public’s demand we will have another fashion show this Saturday at 7:00pm at the Gala Lounge. We will have new dresses and we want to invite the general public to come and visit our store to pick up their tickets. Students come to our fashion show because we will be having prom dresses, dresses for parent’s night and graduation. The dresses are made here in Orange Walk local custom made for them to suit their bodies.”

Every single dress which will be showcased on the runway is the product of the innovative minds and skilled hands of two designers. And while the finished dresses are things of beauty, they are also the result of countless hours of hard work and dedication. Danny Torres has been creating dresses for the past 7 years.

Danny Torres- Designer - Elegance Boutique

“Todo depende del estilo. Hemos tenido vestidos que nos agarra hasta dos horas para hacer, el vestido de novia nos agarra como un medio día para terminarlo. Yo estoy haciendo esto por siete anos me gusta hacer de todo y me gusta hacer muy detallista con los vestidos.”

His little brother Jael Torres is the other designer. Both work in sync to bring the ideas to life.

Jael Torres- Designer - Elegance Boutique

“Me baso en la persona, en lo físico y agarro ideas de ellos veo sus gustos personales y me baso de eso. Miro su impresión y como la persona se quiere sentir y empiezo a diseñar la ropa explicándole a la persona.”

For the weekend we can expect a lot of purple and fuchsia shades as those are in demand this graduation season.

Danny Torres- Designer Elegance Boutique

“Ahorita está el color marón, plata, oro, fucsia y leopardo. Son colores que se escogen por las muchachas que se van a graduar porque ellas quieren impresionar y verse diferentes porque no son colores que están en temporada. Eso me gusta a mi porque me retan y lo puedo lograr.”

And when it comes to styles? Well, let’s just say that if you’re hunting for something sexy and sassy, you should probably drop in for a look.

Jael Torres- Designer Elegance Boutique

“Estamos tratando de crear y diseñar lo mejor de nosotros para impresionar a la gente para que tengan ese anhelo de legar al boutique para que les hagamos sus vestidos.”

The show starts at 8pm at the Gala Lounge. Tickets are available for $10. To purchase tickets you can call 663-5168 or visit them at Bethias Lane here in Orange Walk.

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