policeThe lifeless body of a Mexican Police Officer was found floating in Belizean waters this morning. Corozal Police were called to the banks of the Rio Hondo River where they observed the body of a male person floating on their side of the jurisdiction.

Police proceeded to retrieve the body which was identified as that of Mexican Police Officer 41 year old San Benito Mejia Tun.

The body was fully clothed with no major bruises evident, but some minor bruises to the head were observed. The body which was already starting to decompose has been transported to the Corozal Community Hospital where it awaits a post mortem examination.

Family members of San Benito Mejia Tun have already been informed of the incident and Corozal Police are waiting on them to confirm the identity to follow with the post- mortem examination. As the cause of death has not yet been determined Corozal Police have no official comment on whether or not foul play is suspected.

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