busOn Friday there was a national shutdown of the Transportation Industry after bus operators blocked the major highways. A press conference held by Prime Minister Dean Barrow that same afternoon was every bit as contentious as the bus blockade, as officials of both the BBOC and the BBA seemed to disagree completely with the position taken by Barrow.

That position was that negotiations would start on Monday, and the Prime Minister was told in no uncertain terms that he’d need to do a lot better than that, since BBOC was prohibited from running both northern and western routes and that situation was untenable.

So the meeting set for Monday was changed to Saturday, and after discussions, representatives from the BBOC, the BBA and GOB reached an accord of sorts, with BBOC being reinstated in 17 of the 18 runs they previously held.

That’s good news for the BBOC, but what does it mean for the Northern Bus Operators? Today we spoke to Chairman Roger Tun, who informed us that the 7 Northern runs given to BBOC were unanimously approved by the membership of the NBO.

But that’s the least of the problems which seem to be facing the NBO right now. We have been reliably informed that there is much discontent with the runs and schedules proposed by the leadership of the organization. In fact, sources tell us that Chairman Tun has been accused openly of working for the benefit of some of the operators rather than all.

And that’s not the only concern right now. We were told that a set of northern routes and schedules were presented to CEO in the Ministry of Transport Candelaria Saldivar yesterday, but they were rejected with the explanation that the congestion of operators in a short space of time would encourage racing on the road.

Late word to us is that the NBO has been given ten days to come up with another set of routes and schedules which are currently being drafted. We’ll keep you updated on the results of that.

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#1 customs 2011-06-02 01:34
i am not pup or udp i believe both have to go. the same thing happens no matter who is in power. they promise to many people posts and now these people want to make back there campaign money that they sponsored. i once had the opportunity to visit Belmopan with my 13yr old son and i saw minister hulse and i approached him to show my son the minister. as i called mister hulse he SHOUTED AT ME " what u want i busy" i just stayed with my mouth open and he walk away and lit a cigarette..To both parties u need to put an AGE LIMIT on the poletitions. HULSE TO OLD

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