A few months ago GOB announced that new regulations regarding tinting on vehicles would come into effect on June 1st which is tomorrow. Our understanding is that the new rules have been tied into GOB’s stated intent to fight crime, and apparently since criminals will no longer be able to hide their identities behind darkly tinted windows, crime is supposed to magically decrease.

But while nobody would argue with the absolute need for efficient and effective crime fighting strategies, the key words there would have to be efficient and effective. So as the new regulations get set to come into play, there are plenty who are arguing that tinting regulations make no sense. And an even more persuasive argument is that Belizeans who are already dealing with difficult economic times will now have to dig into their pockets again to have their tint removed.

Today when we checked with the Transport Department here in Orange Walk, we were told that while the new regulations will be in effect as of midnight tonight, enforcement of those regulations will be held off until July 1st. Chief Transport Officer Alonso Teul told us that motorists will have one more month to voluntarily remove the tint from their vehicles before they can be fined under the law.

Teul also told us about a new law which to us is completely absurd. Effective with your next license or insurance change, stickers will now be placed on the left side of the windshield instead of the right. The reason, as we understand it, is to make traffic checks more convenient – no matter that it places obstructions directly in the line of sight of the driver.

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