Screen_shot_2011-05-31_at_5.34.45_PMIt’s just a short paragraph in the Police situation report this week, but in reality that doesn’t even begin to describe the work that goes into planning and carrying out anti-drug operations. From intelligence gathering to implementation, everything needs to proceed with precision to ensure success. And by any measure, an operation conducted by units of the Orange Walk Police Department was a success, as more than 4000 plants ranging in height from 4-6 feet were located and destroyed. Our cameraman Lucio Alcoser was invited along for the pre-dawn experience and provided us with footage of the following.

Yari Catzim- Reporting

About two miles north-east of Rhaburn’s Ridge, Police located this marijuana plantation off a dirt road. Although many times these anti-drug units arrive on the scene to find the area unoccupied, this time they caught the caretaker by surprise.

He had just finished watering these small healthy marijuana plants and from the look of things was headed back into his rudimentary shelter to get some more sleep. But for sure, sleep won’t be on his agenda anytime soon.

The man, later identified as Honduran farmer Javier Deras, was detained and carried to three different locations where Police uprooted, and destroyed a large number of plants.

And from there Police headed off to this house where another man was detained. While no drugs were found on the premises, Police did find a variety of military paraphernalia which is prohibited to civilians.

At the end of the successful mission, Police can boast of having put a significant dent in the local drug trade with the destruction of 4000 marijuana plants. For the boys in blue from the Orange Walk Police Department, it was another job well done.

Honduran farmer Javier Deras was charged for the cultivation of cannabis.

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