Tonight there is no resolution to the problems affecting the bus industry, as all indications are that things in the north will erupt in the not too distant future. As we mentioned last night, bus operators in the north are divided, and accusations are that Chairman of the NBO Roger Tun has been making attempts to divide and conquer the association. Today we spoke to President of the Belizean Bus Association Thomas Shaw, who has been at the forefront of the negotiations with Government. He pulled no punches when he spoke on the division and about the reason for it.

Thomas Shaw- President BBA

“What is actually taking place, the ones were return and Mr. Cruz, they are the ones who offered so as to set up schedule and who will get what and that is total illegal, you know, all what I am asking the Nortenos to do is to boycott these people and get them out of it, it there should be any consultations should be with the president of the BBA, because as I state, what these guy are doing in the north is quite unjust and actually and they are for themselves and they have the support of the deputy and this nonsense have to stop. What they are trying to do is to conquer on the riot that at the end of the day they must realize that is not about one person is about all of us, you know, and we look at the community.”

Heading the negotiations on behalf of the government is Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega. But according to Shaw, the D.P.M is acting in bad faith. Shaw even went so far as to say that the problems presently being faced by the Transportation Industry can be blamed on political interference.

Thomas Shaw- President BBA

“Because what is actually taking place, we have operators that have been there for years and they state that there are not new comers but you can’t do this to the operators that have an investments for all these years and new comers just come overnight and you going to give them runs just like that you know. And then for them let them take the line but don’t come and take away the run from the existing operator, you have operators like Chell, Cabrera, we have Froylan Gilharry and we have other stakeholders in the north as well, which is actually under our umbrella and we came up to Belmopan the other day and said I represented the Nortenos and he a documents with some names and so when I got out of the meeting and then I learnt that this guy they said they signed a document because they attended the meeting not necessarily to say that they were part of any movement.”

So, can another national shutdown be expected? Shaw would not say but he did mention that if a solution to the problem in the north is not found soon, there is going to be chaos.

Screen_shot_2011-06-01_at_7.58.14_PMThomas Shaw- President BBA

“To be honest with you am going to be straight forward, I don’t think as a politician they should try to interfere in the commissioner and the transport board situation, the prime minister asked him to intervene and he did but at the end of the day you have these ministers and they have their portfolio you have the transport board that is responsible for application or issuing a permit and I think these guys should be respected and leave this thing to the transport board and the commissioner of transport, let us have the negotiation with them and not the politicians. If I can say that, the team that is out there, they are trying to work with the operators is just for certain operators and other operators have been locked out and they are trying to give the operators what they want and I don’t think it is fair for anyone of them to tell which operator which run they are going to do, that’s illegal, operators they operate their buses, the government do not operate the buses for the operators, they have the expenses there is no subsidies at the end of the week or at the end of the month, but what it is that the department of transport are there to regulate and not to see how you run your buses.”

CTV3 News understands that a meeting was called this afternoon but several members as well as BBA president Shaw were not invited to attend. On Tuesday, the Belizean Bus Association will be holding a meeting with all its membership and according to Shaw critical issues will be discussed.

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