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Screen_shot_2011-06-02_at_7.48.51_PMThe regulations prohibiting dark tinting went into effect yesterday, and the Traffic Department has announced that it will give a months grace for violators to remove the now illegal tint. Thats a nice gesture, especially since drivers will more than likely have to incur a cost to remove the tint from their windows. But not everybody will be so lucky. If your vehicle license was up at the end of May and you need to go take an inspection to renew that license, then it can be really bad news, since you wont be given that months grace. Today our news team was out at the inspection site where traffic wardens are gearing up to enforce the new law.

Carmelita Perez- Reporting

Howard Nicholson – Traffic Warden

“Anybody that comes to license their vehicle has to come to Mr. Nabet inspection station where Mr. Varela will test your vehicle. We are focusing right now on tint any vehicle that the license expired in the end of May and come for inspection they will have to pass the inspection for the tint also if they don’t pass the inspection then Mr. Varela will not give them an inspection sheet. The vehicles that have licensed that are current or maybe until next year, have a thirty day grace period so we are not going to enforce this law until the first of July.”

Today three vehicles stopped by for an inspection while we were there. The first was tested by the newly acquired tint meter and passed the test.

The second wasn’t so lucky, as tests on both the front and rear windows revealed that the tinting was too dark and would need to be removed.

And then there was this unfortunate driver who was also denied immediate licensing because of prohibited tint.

Screen_shot_2011-06-02_at_7.48.33_PMHoward Nicholson – Traffic Warden

“What the officer is doing right now he is testing the front glass that is supposed to be fifty percent or less that is how much light can pass through the tint. With the rear glass it is 20% that failed because it has 24 because the lower the number the darker the tint is so this will definitely have to be removed before license can be issued. The back glass is even darker that should be 20% and it is only at 2% so that is a very dark tint. The meter itself gives a reading of 2% so that could be either a 4 or a 0. The back glass passes because that is 30% so this need to be 50% and it can only be four inches from top to bottom, that is much too dark.”

The driver of the car took it all in good faith and immediately started removing the dark tint on his ride, although he did express a concern which many people have – that the law will be put into effect across the board, like for example on those Minister’s rides with excessively dark tint.

Screen_shot_2011-06-02_at_7.52.47_PMDriver – Forced to Remove Tint

“I just hope it goes for everybody because usually the persons who have money get a break but we as the normal commuters have to apply by the rules and regulations. But once it goes across the board I have no hard feelings and no problem.”

And at least right now, there seem to be no hard feelings on the part of the traffic officers or drivers. After all, the officers are just doing their job and everybody needs to just obey the law.

Howard Nicholson – Traffic Warden

“They can do just like I do I have a car and it was tint very dark but I took it off just to avoid having any problem or misunderstanding with somebody that probably does not really understand the interpretation of the law. For me it is better to just take it off.”

In a late breaking clarification to the story aired just now, this evening we received a call stating that the decision was made from Belmopan that ALL drivers would be given the months grace period. That means that if you go in to license your vehicle now and your tint is too dark, you wont be denied the license, but will just be issued with a notice that your tint will have to be removed by June 30th.

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#2 Marcos 2011-06-06 18:43
"Belizean citizen,and american,thanks GOD i lived in a country(USA)" I thank UR GOD that you don't live in Belize. Because of people like you USA go to war ! The law about the tinted cars was because , I think about the high crime rate lately in the city . We need to know who is driving a vehicle when something like that happen ( shoting, drunk driving ect) safely of us . I just hope when and if you come to Belize you will never get shot by someone driving a tinted vehicle ... wait... never gona happen it is illegal :)
#1 charles 2011-06-04 03:50
Belizean citizen,and american,thanks GOD i lived in a country(USA)whe re we the people have the power to recall such stupid laws,if their is a place on earth where cars need to have their window tinted is belize,why?the polution and damage the cars belizeans take to belize have to CATALIC CONVERTER,why?they sell it at the mexico boarder,and this is the reason belize weather is like hell.back to my point,the ministers who came out with this tinting law could never have done it here,why?we collect signitures and take it to a vote,we the people.

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