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    Friday, 07 September 2018 02:44
  • New International Flight Headed To Belize

    Friday, 07 September 2018 02:46
  • 224 Farmers Graduate From Farmers Field School

    Friday, 07 September 2018 03:09

The results of the 2011 Primary School Examinations are in and from all indications they are not good. In fact preliminary indications are with the exception of Social Studies which remained more or less the same, performance on the three other papers was worse than last year.

The results show that compared to 2010 the mean score in English decreased by 8 points as it went from 63.5% to 54.9%. In Math, students performances also showed a decrease as this year the mean score stood at 47.1%, that is 5% less than last year. And while the mean score for Social Studies remained at 63.8%, the same cannot be said for Science which showed a 5% decrease compared to last year.

In Orange Walk, Adrian Armstrong with a score of 368 points, Gisellie Hernandez with a score of 360 points and Giselle Rodriguez with a score of 358 points, all students of Louisiana Government School, came in 6th, 16th and 24th respectively in the top 25 list for the entire country and 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the top 10 list for the Orange Walk District.

Today when we spoke to all three students they told us how proud they felt about this great accomplishment.

Screen_shot_2011-06-06_at_8.09.54_PMAdrian Armstrong- 1st Place

“I feel proud, honoured and overjoyed I really can’t believe I came in 6TH.”

Carmelita Perez- Reporter

“You had no idea you would top the P.S.E when you sat those exams?”

Adrian Armstrong- 1st Place

“No I knew I was going to do well but not come in 6th.”

Carmelita Perez- Reporter

“To what would you say you owe your achievement?”

Adrian Armstrong- 1st Place

“My pass standard five teacher and my parents who help me a lot and I really work hard and my standard six teacher helped me lot too and I also took extra classes and studied as well.”

Gisellie Hernandez- 2nd Place

“I feel trilled and proud and overjoyed.”

Carmelita Perez- Reporter

“When you sat the exam did you go in thinking I will top the P.S.E?”

Screen_shot_2011-06-06_at_8.10.03_PMGisellie Hernandez- 2nd Place

“Yes I did. My parents are happy and glad.”

Carmelita Perez- Reporter

“To what to you believe you owe your accomplishment?”

Gisellie Hernandez- 2nd Place

“This support from all my teachers, principals and my parents and I also worked very hard and studied very hard to accomplish my goal.”

Giselle Rodriguez- 3rd Place

“I feel very proud and honoured.”

Carmelita Perez- Reporter

“Did you expect something like this?”

Giselle Rodriguez- 3rd Place

“Yes I did because we worked very hard.”

Carmelita Perez- Reporter

“To what would you say you owe your accomplishment?”

Giselle Rodriguez- 3rd Place

“To my teachers, principal and my parents for being there every second.”

For the teachers, the scores were proof that the hard work had paid off.

Lauro Ku- Teacher

“We need to say that this was a combined effort from the schools administration, all standard six teachers and from parents and most of all from the students and I want to thank the almighty God because he is the one who showered the blessings for all this accomplishment.”

Jose Escalante- Teacher

“ I think that even though sacrifice much of their time I think it pays off at the end and I would like to acknowledge the standard six teachers for working together and the administrator and the Principal also.”

Carmelita Perez- Reporter

“What are some of the works that you all did with the students in order to come to this accomplishment.”

Jose Escalante- Teacher

“It was a lot of practice work that is what we did and it paid off.”

And for all you students who will be taking your P.S.E next year the following messages are for you.

Adrian Armstrong- 1st Place

“To study hard, work and listen in class.”

Gisellie Hernandez- 2nd Place

“Study very hard listen in class and concentrate on your work.”

Screen_shot_2011-06-06_at_8.10.10_PMGiselle Rodriguez- 3rd Place

“Work very hard cause the work is worthful.”

The other top finishers for the Orange Walk District are 4th place Vladimir Baeza Louisiana Government School, 5th and 6th place Ruan Dominguez and Danisha Tun of La Inmacualda School, 7th place Amilcar Figueroa Compassion Primary School, 8thplace Christian Molina Trial Farm Government School, 9th place Paola Osorio La Inmaculada School and 10th place Maria Perez Louisiana Government School.

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