police_corozalThere is a disturbing report coming out of Corozal tonight involving sexual allegations by a twelve year old minor.  Information is still a bit sketchy, but we understand that the twelve year old minor visited the Corozal Police station along with her minor to make the report. 


The minor reported to the officers that on Wednesday, August 28th of this year, she was at her grandmother’s house visiting and present at the time was her uncle.  The minor alleges that she was called by her uncle into his room and upon entering he quickly grabbed her and pulled her towards him causing her to fall backwards on the bed.

Now this is where the allegation turns for the worse, the twelve year old minor told police that when she fell on the bed, her uncle quickly lifted her skirt and pulled down her tights and panty.  In a state of fright, she attempted to scream where her uncle covered her mouth with his hand.  The minor alleged that in her state of fright, she fainted and could not tell what further happened.

She went on to report to police that when she regained consciousness, she was still on her uncle’s bed in his room.  The minor alleged that her underwear and tights had been pulled up but she was suffering from an uncomfortable pain in her private.  As result of the allegations made by the twelve year old minor, Corozal Police has launched an investigation into this report.  No more information is forthcoming at this time but we will bring to you any new developments in this story.

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