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Screen_shot_2011-06-07_at_8.07.12_PMOn June 2nd and 3rd members of the Belize Billiards Sports Federation participated in the first ever Bi-National Nine Ball Championship between Guatemala and Belize. The event which took place in Guatemala City was hosted by the National Billiards Sports Association of Guatemala. Belizes team was comprised of eight players selected from seven associations across the country and today when we spoke to President of the BBSF Ian Glory he gave us a rundown on the teams performance.

Ian Glory- President BBSF

“The performance was very highly applauded although we were playing with new rules and regulations and on regulation Olympic tables which are larger tables than ours which we are not use to four and a half by nine the tournament was carried out as a individual competition and they were eight players from Guatemala and eight from Belize competing the highest rank in Belizean achieved a 4th prize medal and from there on we went like one in one out each Belizean the two lowest of the 16 players being held by the Guatemalan so we proved that we can compete internationally and that we can achieve very high standards in the game in Belize. As a first step we received an invitation from the Association of Billiards from Guatemala to go participate in the first Bi-National Championship Guatemala/Belize in the category of nine balls for which the federation took a contingency of eight players and two delegates.”

During their stay in Guatemala Belizes team also participated in a training course based on - Regulations Governing the Billiards Game.

Ian Glory- President BBSF

“On October of this year we will be going back to Guatemala to compete in the Pan-American Games against the rest of Central America. We have a long job set forth we have a very well organised tournament which Is usually sponsored by Guinness and that will set the stepping stone for us to develop more our team work and potential to face other teams internationally.”

All games were played at the Estadio Olimpico Mateo Flores.

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