Todays press conference by Prime Minister Dean Barrow, if it can be called that, was as disturbing and repulsive a show of intimidation as we have ever seen. It was classic Barrow complete with a hired cast of about 150 thugs supplied by Minister of Works Boots Martinez. The PM spoke on the bus situation, on the squatters, on BEL, the referendum and a few other issues which well touch on in tomorrows newscast in great detail.

To make a long story short though he said to hell with the bus operators because Westline will not be moved; to hell with the squatters because they got what they deserved; to hell with BEL because the government is soon going to do to them what we did to BTL and to hell with the referendum. Were editorializing a bit, but for those who were there the message was crystal clear.

Tonight we provide a snippet of the press conference where the Prime Minister amazingly claims that with the exception of one or two real squatters, the others were all fakes and frauds.

deanDean Barrow Prime Minister of Belize

“The others that descended on the spot and took children there in the early morning and then invited the cameras in so that they could hold up crying babies and pray on the sympathies of the Belizean people are by and large fraudsters and I make no apologies for saying that. As I said I don’t know whether the media was joked or played along for its own reasons but I am satisfied that the government did what it was legal and morally obliged to do under those circumstances.”

Tomorrow well have more on the press conference slash thug fest.

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