The fact that the Immigration Department is investigating its own house into the recent passport scandal in which South Korean National Kim Wong Hong was issued a Belizean Passport while in detention in Taiwan, has caused a public outcry.

The issue is being kept very much alive. On a special Sitting of the Senate, Senator Lisa Shoman, representing the Opposition proposed that the senate launch a separate investigation into the matter. Minister of Immigration Godwin Hulse; however, disagrees and has stated that there is no need for a senate investigation.

In reality the recent passport scandal has left more questions than answers and while several excuses are being given for the matter not to be criminally investigated, the Belizean people believe that all the powers of the law should be utilized to bring those responsible to justice. Today reporter Victor Castillo hit the streets of Corozal Town and found out what are the sentiments of Corozalenos on the matter.

David Ackierman – Chairman CFZ

“I think it is very bad, honestly it is not good for any country, that type of activity or that type of nature of business definitely doesn’t bring any positive rating to any country so I think it is bad, I think our Prime Minister did what he had to do to put his house in order and I applaud him for that an it is sending a straight clear cut message to other public servants including myself that he is not willing to tolerate any nonsense, he is not willing to tolerate any type of activities that are not favourable to our country so I think from his part I think he did well and we need to work together to move this country forward.”

David Acosta – Corozaleños

“I believe that nobody is above the law if Mr Penner did what they say he did, I think he needs to be investigated the least an the police need to come out and do their work and begin their investigation in this passport scandal.”


Victor Castillo – Reporter

“Should he be revoked from all powers that government provide him?”


Screen_shot_2013-10-04_at_6.37.38_PMDavid Acosta – Corozaleños

“If he is found guilty criminally, guilty of what he did he must be removed from where he is, he can no longer represent the people.”

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“What is your personal opinion in respect to the passport scandal at the moment?”

Steve Banner – Corozaleños

“Well, the passport scandal that is another issue and that is another problem but the little that I have to say that Penner, he has done something wrong, he knew what he is doing, the prime Minister, Dean Barrow, know what he is doing so all of them need to come to the table and lay it out and let the people know what they are doing because in my view they have done something that you know you make Belize look bad.”

As you might already know, Penner was booted out of Cabinet and is yet to receive his salary for the month of September.  Penner’s demotion will see a reduction of two thousand, six hundred and thirty-three dollars in his monthly income.

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#1 Joe McGuire 2013-10-07 23:00
So you interviewed random people yet they are well known PUP or Akerman who is angry because his candidate lost for the bay!

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