It’s been quite a while since a Miss Orange Walk Pageant is held in Orange Walk. But that’s about to change because on October 19th five talented Orange Walkenas will be vying for the prestigious crown. The pageant, which will be filled with entertainment, is scheduled to take place at the Multi Purpose Complex Building. The Miss Orange Walk Pageant; however, is no ordinary event. It is beauty with a purpose.

Screen_shot_2013-10-04_at_6.37.29_PMRozel Arana- Organizer Miss Orange Walk Pageant

“It surrounds the theme Beauty with a Purpose; we are trying to kill two birds with one stone.  Beauty, we need Miss Orange Walk to move on to Belize next year in July and normally every year we do it with a purpose and this purpose is whereby we give back to the community, so basically it is like a benefit. So last two years the pageant was basically giving the proceeds to the Cancer Society and then this year we are giving it to Disability, the Patsy Brown Special Aid Center here in Orange Walk Town. We have five beautiful young ladies from Orange Walk District. We have Miss Eleny Aguilar from August Pine Ridge, we also have Miss Kiesha Cummins, and we have Miss Dianna Balam, Miss Kimberly Selgado and Miss Beatrice Garcia.”

And if you are wondering about the candidates, well we will introduce you to them in another newscast.

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