policeA 13 year old minor came forward two weeks ago to make a disturbing report against her own father, claiming that in July of last year her father sexually assaulted her by touching her vagina.

The father of the child was detained by Police and charged for aggravated assault. No plea was taken and he was offered bail of $7,000. Today the 40 year old man reappeared in Court still in cuffs as he has been unable to meet bail.

But before the Magistrate could set another adjournment date the accused asked him to lower his bail since he had been unable to meet the $7,000. He also complained that since he had been involved in the accident with the rest of the prisoners he had not gotten the proper treatment.

Magistrate Flowers denied the request and assured him that he would be in good hands at the Kolbe facility. His case was adjourned to the 1st of July.

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