Yesterday the Belizean Bus Association held a meeting with its membership in Belize City, including a few bus operators from the north who also form part of the Northern Bus Association. While the BBA was holding its meeting to find a resolution to the problems being faced by the transportation industry, the NBO under the chairmanship of Roger Tun was holding a meeting of its own with members of the Ministry of Transport. As was mentioned last night Shaw was denied access to that meeting despite the fact that he was there to represent a few members of the NBO who were not present.

We understand that during the meeting Chairman of the Association Roger Tun presented a proposed list of schedules and routes for the north. Those routes were accepted by the Ministry of Transport and should come into effect on June 19th.

But not so fast, says President of the BBA Thomas Shaw, because despite the fact that all bus operators of the north were included in the proposed routes and schedules not all of them received what they had applied or even asked for.

Screen_shot_2011-06-07_at_8.06.37_PMThomas Shaw- President BBA

“What is actually taking place right now you cannot give somebody something that they are not asking for or they don’t want and what has been taking place is that these people have set a schedule and said Mr. Froyland this is what you are going to do and Cabrera this is what you are going to do and I think that is just wrong. I think the Transport Board is there to regulate you send in an application form with the runs that you want and based on the recommendations from the board then the permits are issued and that has not been done. What has been taking place is that you have Mr. Roger Tun and Mr. Cruz they get there and they are trying to set the schedule to accommodate other newcomers to the industry. Yes all bus operators will be getting a run but it is not what they actually applied for or what they wanted and now they pass a resolution stating that the operators in the north came up with a amicable solution and say this is what they want and I think that’s a blatant lie because these guys weren’t part of the process as far as I am concerned. I think it is illegal and if it wasn’t illegal and they were being transparent then I don’t see why I should have been denied access into that meeting.”

And from all indications a solution to the problems plaguing the Transportation Industry will not be found anytime soon because while the BBA is telling government to give bus operators back their original runs and remove Westline or else...the Prime Minister of Belize during his quarterly press conference this afternoon said there is no way on earth Westline will be removed from its runs.

Thomas Shaw- President BBA

“I am in Belmopan as I speak and I we are trying to deliver this letter personally to these people and we are asking for a reply we need something in writing which will state the position to will take and what decision they will make. As I have stated we have made our position known because this is not only about the West it is about the North, South, East and west.”

Carmelita Perez- Reporting

“Is there a time frame that you all are giving government to respond to your demands?”

Thomas Shaw- President BBA

“Today is Wednesday and we told them that we need a response at least by Friday in order for us to go forward.”

Dean Barrow- Prime Minister of Belize

“Every last run given to Westline, is that what is called Mr. Chuc’s outfit is going to go nowhere that is not going to happen, we reached a solution with all concerned including Mr. Chuc, it was pronounced a fair solution not just by the government but by all the parties at the time, you can’t keep going back and asking us to revisit an agreement that has already been inked, you can’t keep moving the goal posts. Government must be flexible, government must try to accommodate but ultimately government must govern.”

During his press conference this afternoon the Prime Minister of Belize also mentioned that the only bus operator in the north that belongs to both the BBA and the NBO is Gilharry. But maybe the Prime Minister needs to be better informed because according to Thomas Shaw apart from Gilharry…Cabreras, Chells and Chans Bus Line also belong to the BBA and the NBO.

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