mediaThe rumor mill continues to churn and does so strongly with allegations that Ministers of this UDP Government were involved in a lucrative business; the sale of Visas. The Prime Minister admitted yesterday that such incidences, if uncovered by the media, could lead to the fall of his government. These allegations of ministers selling visas are rampant with the latest passport scandal. While the Prime Minister admitted to have heard of such allusions and although he has absolutely no proof, he sent out a very strong message to ministers in his government.


Dean Barrow- Prime Minister of Belize 


“Minister Hulse will be here to attest to what I am saying.  I have heard such reports and Minister Hulse and Minister Boots and all of the ministers would tell you that I have repeatedly said in cabinet, ladies and gentleman I think we are doing a fine job. We may have our problems; there are the second term blues. A friend of mine has suggested that second term should be referred to as quick sand terms. But I believe we can come through in the end and come through well. But if there is one thing that can and will bring down this government it is hustling in immigration. I have heard that there are ministers who are procuring visas for people. I have said pretty much every second cabinet, if you are doing so, I have no proof, for God sake stop it, stop it! That is what will cause the government to fall. I understand that politicians have friends and I know that processes can be slow, if a minister says well you know I did ask the immigration department to bring some speed to the processing of an application for a visa for a friend, it is entirely legitimate as the minister is satisfied myself that the application for the visa was in order, I can’t say that that is not to happen but if I her you intervene ten times and I hear you intervene twenty times what am I to think except that you are involve in a hustle It is as minister Hulse says though, I hear the stories but nobody is prepared to come to me and to say here is the evidence that minister so and so was paid so much for procuring a visa for Mr. so and so.


With the new measures that will be implemented to protect the issuance of visas, it is the hope of the Prime Minister that members on his side of Parliament adhere to the rules in order to preserve the party.

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