Screen_shot_2013-10-11_at_5.29.29_PMStudents of Muffles High School were out of class today but that doesn’t mean they were not learning. Today the high school celebrated their annual Cultural Day at the Crystal Palace Auditorium where the various ethic groups living in Belize were featured.

Dressed in the different cultural wears, students of the different form levels entertained the audience with their presentations.

Anerita Cajun- Head of Dept. Social Studies

“Today we did something different from what we have asked, what we did today is just dramatization depicting Spanish novels, Los Finados by David Ruiz, and this year we decided that we are going into dramatize it, making it look real and it will be something very good since the “Los Finados” is getting closer as well so we are just trying to combine cultural day and Los Finados together and this year we decided to do something different like do it in Spanish instead of doing it in English every year.  So as well what happened is that Muffles College has sixty years of existence as well and sometimes we need to make a change on what we do.”

Victor Castillo - Reporter

“When we talking about Los Finados, the first presentation that was done here, why was this particular skit selected for today’s presentation?”

Anerita Cajun- Head of Dept. Social Studies

“The students decided and said why we don’t do something different because they said well as all souls day is getting closer and that is one of their novel, literature book that they are reading in Spanish so we try to make it more vivid for them and make it life for them so that they could understand the meaning of Los Finados is all about and how it was celebrated long a time ago.”

Victor Castillo - Reporter

“How was the preparation with the students for today’s event?”

Anerita Cajun- Head of Dept. Social Studies

“The students were into it and most of them wanted to take part in this presentation but we needed to get the best out of everything and so the students were very, very enthusiastic about this presentation that they did today.”

One of the highlights of the event was the dramatization of the “Los Finados”, a skit written by local author, David Ruiz Puga.

Álvaro Dávila – Participant

“Los Finados basically tells the story of Chismosa, she is a lady who likes chisme and talking about people and gossiping , well she has a comadre we could say it Candelaria and both of them start to both with people and gossiping about others.  One time she was at her house on November the first, and all of a sudden she hears noises outside so as she watched through her window she saw ghost coming to her and so one of them went to her and told her take this candle for me and I am going to comeback for it tomorrow and she was scared then the next morning she found out that it wasn’t a candle anymore it was a bone and that made her get scared and so she ran to el Padre Arturo, my character,  and he told her what to do.”

After the skit students were amused by an East Indian Dance.

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