The Prime Minister of Belize is presently out of the country seeking medical attention for his back and so is Elvin Penner only that he is consulting doctors in Guatemala for high blood pressure or at least that is what is being fed to the Belizean people. Penner traveled out of the country the exact same day that Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced that he had asked Penner to resign as Area Representative for Cayo Northeast and from the United Democratic Party.


What paved the road to Penner’s demise from politics is the fact that he assisted Kim Wong Hong, a South Korean National being investigating for embezzlement, to obtain a Belizean Passport while in detention in Taiwan. Most recently, an investigation carried out at the Immigration and Nationality Department has revealed more irregularities involving the former minister of state. While Penner has stated that he will consult with his constituents before making a decision as to his political carrier, the fact remains that he has become the prodigal son who is no longer wanted by the Barrow Administration. One thing the Prime Minister wants; though, is to hold on to his party’s majority in the House of Representatives and he intends to do so even if it means spending vast amounts of money.


barrow15.10.13aPrime Minister Dean Barrow

"I have spoken to the members of the Village Council, and I have told them that the work will begin immediately. There are some culverts that need replacing. The money was sent from the Ministry of Finance on Thursday to the Ministry of Works. You will choose your contractors, and those culverts will be replaced starting over this long weekend. The members of the Village Council told me that there is a need for a new school. Ladies and gentlemen, I solemnly promise to you tonight that the United Democratic Party Government will build you that new school. We have in our coffers millions and millions of dollars, and even before this saga with Elvin Penner started; I announced to the nation that we would be funding a program of infrastructural works countrywide that would amount to a grand total of just under 100 million dollars. There was already a program of development targeted at the Cayo Northeast Constituency, but in the circumstances, the Cayo Northeast Constituency must move to the head of the cue, to the front of the line. And I know that the media is here tonight, and I want them to report what it is I am saying. The kind of spending that you will now begin to see by this Government in the Cayo Northeast Constituency is the kind of spending that nowhere in this country has ever been seen before. If you want to see that kind of progress come to this community, come to the surrounding villages, and come to the whole of the Cayo Northeast Constituency, you will do whatever it takes to ensure that the United Democratic Party holds on to that seat in the House of Representatives."

Those promises were made to the people of Duck Run Village in Cayo Northeast in efforts of making them say no to the recall of Elvin Penner. So, while the Prime Minister is willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in one community alone to save his party, he has refused to assist the Orange Walk Town Council with the Belize Bank overdraft loan which was inherited from the previous UDP Town Council.

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