free_zoneIn the month of September, an outbreak of Cholera in the Mexican State of Hidalgo was reported. Given the close proximity and the extensive borderline of Belize with Mexico, Belizean health authorities immediately took action to prevent the spread of the virus into Belizean soil.


With the record sitting at forty four confirmed cases and an additional thirty three cases still awaiting confirmation in Mexico, a group of health inspectors were dispatched to the Corozal Commercial Free Zone to monitor the situation. Drastic measures had to be taken so much so that no Mexican food vendors are currently being allowed to sell food in the free zone.

Apparently this new measure is not working well for some Mexican vendors who called our newsroom claiming that some of their colleagues are actually buying their way into the free zone and selling their food without being stopped by Health Inspectors. We tried contacting the Chairman of the Corozal Commercial Freezone, David Ackerman, today but all our calls went unanswered. We will follow up on this story in tomorrow’s newscast.

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