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Screen_shot_2013-10-17_at_8.00.31_PMInternational Credit Union Day is celebrated on the third Thursday of every October to recognize and reflect on the history of the credit union movement and to promote its achievements. It is a day to honor those who have dedicated their lives to the movement, recognize the hard work of those working in the credit union industry and its membership.

This year Credit Union Week is being celebrated under the theme “Credit Unions Unite for Good: A Better Way” and joining in the celebration was La Inmaculada Credit Union Limited.

Yolanda Gomez – LICU Manager

“We are celebrating this year under the theme, Credit Unions Unite for Good a Better Way, that is so very fitting because the Credit Union is actually the pooling of resources be it our finances, be it our talents to be able to help each other, so it is people helping people through the pooling of our resources.  Today we actually had a market day and a health fair. We have our members owners who sale plantain chips, who sales pastries, who sales delicious rice and beans, tamalitos, coconut oil, our plants and we had also the community based organization the socially responsible groups like ourselves, like the cancer support groups, we had the people from HECOPAB ensuring that we are creating an awareness for health, people giving out flu shots and SIRDI of course, trying to create strengthening of the sugar industry through the proper rehabilitation of the cane fields so these are just some of the activities we’ve been having today, we are ting up our day and we want to end with a raffle.”

Credit unions continuously demonstrate their ability to improve the lives of individuals, families, communities and countries around the world, and have done so for generations. According to Yolanda Gomez, General Manager of LICU, it is important that all credit unions world wide take part in the celebration so as to promote the institution itself and to bring development to the community through partnership with the people.

Yolanda Gomez – LICU General Manager

“To allow others who are not yet enjoying our many benefits and privileges to be able to ensure that we embrace everyone, everyone knows what the Credit Union is all about, what we have to offer, not only accepting deposits and offering credit at the lowest cost ever and that is compared to none, but also the other benefits that come along with it like the free life protection and loan protection coverage, the fact that we can enjoy a burial grant because of the coming together, the fact that we hold the hands of our individuals who enter into these kinds of initiatives, who may even probably be recording that is the cash coming in the cash going out, the fact about marketing, the fact about presentation, even the mere fact of approaching people as the approach your booth, you know, you just don’t sit there for the people to come, a smile, giving them a little sample, enticing them to purchase your product, the fact that we are big on training a capacity building, we inaugurated recently the first training centre of the north and here we do quite a lot, we just engage in a complete certified training for tour guides who hopefully will be employed very shortly, so these are just some examples of what La Inmaculada Credit Union is doing, it is much more that just the core operations that we conduct.”

The financial institution started the week of activities with a special church service and will end the week with grand dance.

Yolanda Gomez – LICU General Manager

“We are ending off this week with a banquet and awards night at the Gala Lounge. We are inviting the entire public if you have not gotten your tickets yet we have very limited left at the offices to sell $25.00 only that is all that we are charging and it is just to cover the cost. It entitles you to your entrance, your seating, to an excellent food, excellent dancing music with the Caribbean Roots and of course some other surprises.”

The newly opened LICU Belmopan Branch also celebrated International Credit Union Day with an open day.

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