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Screen_shot_2013-10-18_at_7.49.04_PMAs we speak, despite the inclement weather and low budget, a number of streets within Orange Walk Town are being upgraded by the Orange Walk Town Council.

Despite the lack of resources, the Orange Walk Town Council continues to keep its mandate and is doing everything in its power to bring, if not all, most of the streets in Orange Walk to driving standards.

Those works include but are not limited to, filling, scarifying, and even paving.

Kevin Bernard, Mayor, OWTC

“What we are doing at this time, we addressing some or our main streets areas that we wanted to deal with, as you know after that heavy rain came down a lot of our streets were damaged, what we are working right now as you see behind me is this section her of the junction of Liberty Avenue and Palmar Boundary, this road was getting out of hand and I am pretty sure that residences of this area and those who traffic this street would benefit a lot from the upgrading that we are doing on this one. What we are doing her is simply bringing the street to a level of compaction that we could have it at least passable by the residence, we are not going to be paving it per say but we are hoping that we can get the funding so that we could later on pave it indeed.  In addition to that I want to also mention that there has been several areas that we have been working on for example we have been doing the preparation on Mahogany Street and on Sapodilla Street, those two street will be prepared for pavement.  We also thereafter we will go into the other areas like South Main Street, Santa Maria Street, we are going to be ensuring that, that areas in Nargusta Street is also address, those will pave later on but all of these things will be done on November, December so we want to make sure that the full paving of the street will be done by the end of December.”

But the work does not end there, because according to Mayor Bernard, there are several other streets that need urgent attention.

Kevin Bernard, Mayor, OWTC

“We have been doing some work in the river’s area where we have seen a lot of white marl streets that needed some upgrading so we have already dumped some material in those areas and the residence will see works commence on those areas at least to address some of those issues.  At the same time we have also been addressing some of the pot holes in the town like Oleander Street and so forth, we are also going to be looking shortly at placing the second coat paving of Belize Street, Staines Alley and Barbados Street and a portion of Muffles Street remember earlier this year we did the first coat so we are going to work on the second coat paving for those street so that it last the Council longer and lesser maintenance also we are cognizant of the fact that the areas in the trees like Plametto and those other areas there needs attention and so we are going to be ripping and scarifying and compacting those streets, there is a lot of work that we are looking at our focus is to ensure that we address the street issue.”

So how are streets being upgraded if the finances are limited? Well, tax to responsible tax payers the development of the town continues.

Kevin Bernard, Mayor, OWTC

“We are still in the rainy season and we want to ask people to be patient and for those who have been patient thank them because it is through these means that we have been able to get and the taxpayers’ money that we can get the resources to be able to put on the ground and for people to see where their investment is really going.”

Irvin Aragon – Reporter

“Now, you said the dumping of the white marl on those areas and also getting all the resources, what do you have to say to those people who are saying, oh the Town Council has not been doing anything, and we see the evidence now?”

Kevin Bernard, Mayor, OWTC

“Well, I would say this, this council has been one of the Council that have paved streets, earlier this year we paved seven streets something that a lot of councils has not done with their own resources and I keep saying this compare to many administrations, especially last administration who collected huge amount of money in grants did not do anything really in our town when it comes to street works, let us be real, the work that you saw on Benque Viejo Street is a contract given by the ministry of works to that gentleman from DeMars Stone Company, what this council has been doing, we have sat down, we have made sure that we look at what really needed to get done and we have been able to pave some streets and we are now continuing that work and we have said that we are committed to ensure that those remaining street be pave and we are going to pave those streets, Westby Alley, the Munoz Lane.”


Irvin Aragon – Reporter

“Of course, we want to make the point clear that the resources is not coming from any other place but the taxpayers money?”

Kevin Bernard, Mayor, OWTC

“Definitely, for example the work being doing behind me it require fuel, it requires labour, it requires material and this is not costing us nothing less than four thousand dollars to be able to invest on this street alone this section of the street, we are doing Mahogany, we are doing Sapodilla, we will be doing South Main Street, Santa Maria all of these things cost money and all of these things are coming simply by the people who have been faithful taxpayers, people have paid their trade license, people have committed that are paying on their income so that they take money from their pocket and contributing to the town by paying their taxes, those are the people that are helping this town to grow and that is what we are here to do.”

If the rain permits, residents of Orange Walk should be seeing a lot more work carried out in several areas over the next few days.

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