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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:33
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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:47
  • Belize Exports Soybean Oil To Jamaica

    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:56

Tomorrow representatives of the Banquitas House of Culture will be making their way to the garden city Belmopan to proudly showcase our Yucatec Maya. They will do so during an exposition scheduled to take place at the Venezuelan Embassy where participants will portray the customs and traditions of our very own Yucatec Maya living in the Orange Walk District.

Screen_shot_2013-10-18_at_7.51.09_PMYvette Torres, Coordinator, BHOC

"This is a Yucatec Mayan Expo and it is courtesy of the Venezuelan Embassy in collaboration with the Banquitas House of Culture it is an all-day event and it starts at ten and it ends at four."

Irvin Aragon - Reporter

"What are the things that are going to be presented during the exposition that will obviously portray the Yucatec Mayan?"

Yvette Torres, Coordinator, BHOC

“Ok, it is all about the Yucatec Maya; the food, the dances and also there is going to be a dialect of the group of Yo Creek which is names "El Latir del Corazon Maya. El Latir Del Corazon Maya, they will be doing songs in Maya and a dialogue for the presentations."

Irvin Aragon - Reporter

"Ok, now of course that is just one group, how many groups is going from Corozal and Orange Walk?"

Yvette Torres, Coordinator, BHOC

"This invitation was extended to Orange Walk so it is going to be groups from the district which includes Yo Creek and Nuevo San Jose Palmar."

The event is the first of its kind but by all indications, the goal of highlighting our traditions and Mayan culture especially from here in the Orange Walk District, will be met, according to Yvette Torres, coordinator for the house of culture.

Yvette Torres, Coordinator, BHOC

"It is the first ever that we are going to be having a Yucatec Mayan Expo and the invitation is extended to everyone from the entire country especially the ones from Belmopan that is there and everyone who wants to go from neighbouring districts is also welcomed and we would like to showcase what we have been doing, the different groups and their dances, they’re going to be traditional dances and also the food is going to be on sale and also the artisans will be displaying their handy craft and their paintings."

While the exposition is being hosted by the Venezuelan Embassy in Belmopan, all presentations will be carried out by Orange Walkenos.

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