Screen_shot_2013-10-22_at_8.11.53_PMToday, Special Envoy for Women and Children Kim Simplis Barrow issued a statement expressing her concern on a recent article published in last week’s edition of the Amandala Newspaper, which was written by Colin BH under the heading ‘Bake it again’. The article, which expresses views on the proposed provisions of the Criminal Code Amendment (No. 2) bill states “The rape of a male on male is more heinous than the rape of a female by a male. Consider that (1) the female might one day fall in love with the male; (2) the female provoked the immature/crazy male to commit this act; (3) it is a natural act; (4) the female might be entirely whorish, so the act is of little consequence.” Very strong words indeed.

According to Simplis Barrow,  while the story leaves much to be desired, she found this particular segment of the article to be appalling and stated that it is an "affront to all women and girls and completely trivializes the trauma that survivors of sexual violence are forced to endure." She called on all women and the public in general to condemn "this very disturbing article.”

The Women’s Issues Network (Win-Belize) also issued a release condemning the ‘tasteless and nonsensical comments’ made by the author and editor of the publication and demanded an apology for the women and children in Belize.

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