Screen_shot_2013-10-22_at_8.12.47_PM“Brush and Floss every day and keep cavities away” is the theme under which Dental health week is being celebrated this year. The Northern Regional Hospital Dental Department in collaboration with HECOPAB have streamlined a number of activities to commemorate the seven days event. Aiming at bringing awareness to the community most importantly students, the dental department hosted a tag day today.

Anny Quan, Dental Assistant, NRH

“We began dental health week basically started today, tag day, we are visiting San Francisco R.C. School along with Louisiana giving them a little short presentation about good oral health and putting tags on them. It’s basically just awareness; we need to let the kids know about what is good oral hygiene, what they are supposed to do.  Our mouth plays a very important role and anything we consume or do or don’t do later on affects the inside of your body, so it is just an awareness for the kids to know about keep on brushing your teeth, you must floss regularly and if all starts by the little stuff that we think are not important that really goes out a lone way.”

Tag day is only one of the dental department’s activities for this entire week. The major activity is a video competition whereby students are invited to submit videos highlighting the importance of practicing proper oral dental hygiene.

Anny Quan, Dental Assistant, NRH

“During the course we did a dental video competition for the upper classes of standard five and standard six.  It basically consist of the; they had to mention the dental theme, talk a little about good oral hygiene and it supposed to be handed in by tomorrow. We would really like and appreciate if all schools participate because we did gave out to all school including towns and villages regarding dental health week and the dateline for that is like I said tomorrow at four and the judging will be done on Thursday which the winner will be announced at their respective schools. Submission is to the dental department which is situated directly beside the emergency room.  Submissions started on Friday of last week and it is carried out until tomorrow at four o’clock is the dateline so we are urging all schools to please send in their video competition to us as soon as possible as first prize is a laptop, second prize is a beach cruiser, third prize is a school bag with school supplies.”

The winner of the video competition will be announced on Friday and presented with their gifts on Monday.

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