OrangeWalkTownHallWhile this latest revelation will surely attract the attention of many organizations, the Orange Walk Town Council wasted no time in sharing their sentiments on the issue. In a release issued today, the council expressed its utter discontent with the manner in which the passport and immigration scandal has been handled by government.

According to the council, there has been absolutely no transparency in the so-called investigation into corruption which is not only the government’s business, but is everybody’s business.

The release states and we quote “We find it ludicrous that the government speaks of total corruption within the Immigration Department, admits that former Minister of State Elvin Penner is in the center of it, and still refuses to allow him to be the subject of a criminal investigation.” End of quote.

The OWTC is appalled by the fact that the investigation is being conducted by three UDP appointees – Minister of Immigration Godwin Hulse, C.E.O. in the Ministry of Immigration Candelaria Saldivar (sister of UDP Minister John Saldivar) and Director of Immigration Maria Marin.

The council calls on all Belizeans to stand up for transparency and good governance.

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