Today a major accomplishment which brings a state of the art facility to the reach of Orange Walkenos was celebrated. What started as small company has now become Orange Walk’s leading service station. We are talking about Shell One Stop and Convenience Store which now offers its valuable customers a state of the art facility including world class fuel pumps and the company’s latest signage. Today, after months of arduous work, the new facility and services of the gas station was inaugurated in grand style. Reporter Irvin Aragon has the story.

Screen_shot_2013-10-24_at_7.56.25_PMIrvin Aragon – Reporting

A new state of the art facility at Orange Walk’s leading fuel and service station was officially inaugurated today and opened to the public. With a short presentation and many giveaways throughout the program, Shell One Stop celebrated this huge milestone with its valuable customers and friends.

Joining the celebration today was General Manager for SOL Belize Limited, Rufino Lin, who stated that the entire facility, including the floor court, was renovated to provide better service to customers.

Rufino Lin, General Manager, SOL Belize Ltd.

“Sol Belize Limited is proud to the growth and development of this vibrant town more affection ably called Sugar City. We have been here for a long time and look forward to continue being the premier service station in Sugar City for many more years to come, we have not achieve this position by chance nor we tend to maintain it by chance, we have done so and we continue to do so through our very high standards of conduct and safety to the environment, our staff believe on high levels of customer service and the leading edge technology in to our products. Our expectation is that as a result of having invested and having developed this station to what is now we would continue to strengthen the relationship with our customers and continue to provide them with the quality service, quality products that we offer them, we offer them in the past and we offer them in the future as well. For us is a milestone because our commitment to customer service, our commitment to the satisfaction of our customer and so this facility as it stand now is prove that we are ready and willing to invest in such a way to make that a reality.”


The partnership between SOL Belize Limited and Shell One Stop goes beyond that of customer satisfaction. Their aim is to see a record growth in both companies and improve Belize’s economy by keeping customers satisfied.


Ken Figaro, SOL Regional Manager, Haiti, Belize, and Guyana

“Today’s commissioning has brought with it the pleasure of operating the most modern service station not only in the shell Belizean network but in Belize in general, our network is comprised of eight company owned shell branded sites and several non-branded independent sites, we are extremely delighted with your presence here this morning to celebrate with us the official commissioning of Shell One Stop Orange Walk Service Station with it new Shell image, the shell visual retail identity evolution, the reconstruction of this service station signals Sol continued confidence in our Belizean economy and it fits in our strategic plan to deliver to our customers quality products and services with state of the art service stations now in Orange Walk, Belmopan, Belize City, San Jose, Ladyville, Boca, San Ignacio and Shible in southern Belize. I wish to join with the local team here and commend them for the effort that they have made, the great work they have put in and getting this service station up and running and to let them know that Shell and Sol, we are very happy not only to invest and to ensure that we have the quality that you are seeing here and throughout we have a network to look after and we believe in the Belizean economy and we certainly are going to do our best to ensure as the top marketer here in the industry.”

Without a doubt the new state of the art facilities at Shell One Stop bring a new face to Orange Walk which in turn translates to the development of the town.

Screen_shot_2013-10-24_at_7.56.32_PMKevin Bernard, Mayor, OWTC

“Here in Orange Walk we pride ourselves on being able to boast a community of workers or individuals and businesses working together in harmony to better our town.  We seriously guard our traditions of quality, hard work and business ethics.  Shell One Stop embodied all of that and long before it closed its doors months ago for renovation, Shell One Stop was and continued to be a valuable part of the community taking it cooperate responsibility and its commitments to service seriously.  I can tell you that whenever there is any event in town which showcases our proud tradition Shell One Stop has been always there to play an important role.  Today we acknowledge the work of Sol since it taking over from its predecessor Shell, the company has embarked on a massive campaign of renovations countrywide.”

While customers play an important role in the expansion of the company, the continuous success of Shell One Stop is also due to the unwavering support and hard work of its employees.

John Briceno, Dealer, Shell 1 Stop Orange Walk

“The success of One Stop is not attributed solely to Jaime and I, the success is because there has been many factors that we take into consideration and one of the most important one is the issue of our employees, we have very, very loyal and great hardworking, dedicated employees here at Shell One Stop.  Sol which is Caribbean company that demonstrating that they have a true commitment to Belize, that they are prepared to invest in Belize and they have facilities all across this country and this is the most modern facility that they have in the entire country of Belize and not only for Sol but for any gas station so it surely shows a  commitment on their part and as to Sol Belize again they show a commitment to us that they have that confidence in the work that we have done, that Jaime and I and the entire staff of Shell One Stop that we been doing for them to come and pick this site to renovated and put it to the world class standards that we are now inaugurating today.”

Shell One Stop has been serving residents of Orange Walk and its surrounding communities for over twenty seven years now. 

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