A broad daylight robbery turned to murder today claiming the life of 61 year old delivery truck driver, Jorge Blanco, from the Village of Yo Creek in the Orange Walk District who was traveling back home to Orange Walk after a day of business in the city. The incident happened near the village of Sand Hill in the Belize District, at mile nineteen on the Philip Goldson Highway to be exact. Our news team comprised of Maria Novelo and Cameraman Jesus Melgar has the story.

Screen_shot_2013-10-25_at_7.43.36_PMMaria Novelo – Reporting

This pool of blood on the Philip Goldson Highway marks the spot where 61 year old Jorge Blanco laid mortally wounded. The Yo Creek resident and father of 3 was returning from Belize City around midday today driving a truck accompanied by his employers, Abraham Penner and his two sons of Shipyard Village. And in just a few seconds as they crossed this pedestrian ramp in Sandhill, tragedy struck. It is alleged that the culprits robbed Blanco and his travelling mates of almost ten thousand dollars in cash that was contained in a bag. Abraham Penner told us what he witnessed.

Abraham Penner

"I just heard like a tire blow out and by the time I heard that the man said stop and give me all the money, if not I will kill all of you. My brother and my father jump out the other door and the gunman opened the driver's door and driver dropped out because he was dead and then I jumped out and he (the gun man) said give me all the money. I lay down and I pull out my wallet and after that the two guys; one with a knife and the other with a gun. I don’t know what happened exactly.  I heard like a tire blew out and I had to get out of the truck quick; I ran and tried to escape.  Then they say I want all the money then I said I don’t have it here; I have it in the truck and I had to go back in the truck and give them my purse with the money and then I looked around the truck and I see the body of my driver that he is dead. They just shot and then the truck stopped then they said if you don’t give the money we will shoot all of you.  I jumped out of the truck and the driver dropped out of the truck cause he was dead and then they stopped the truck and then my father and my brother had to run and then my father had to come back to give all the money.  If not they say they will kill. When the men got away I took out his phone and I call his son. He son didn't believe that his father was dead, but I told him that it happened. I thought that maybe they would killed me too. I am very happy that they didn't kill anybody else. I am sorry that they killed the driver."

Blanco was left lying face up on the ground with a bullet wound to the center of his head. A single 9mm Luger Brand suspended shell was found on the scene. While the authorities are not saying much, we went looking for clues at the residence of the Vaccaros.


There, police found a pair of slippers and this pair of black boots that is believed to have belonged to the culprits. Neighbors told us that they heard a loud bang and shortly after saw two men running through the yard. They made good their escape through this neighboring pond with over nine thousand dollars in cash. According to Penner, this is not the first instance in which they have been targeted and it is believed that the culprits knew the inner workings of their route.

We visited the family in Yo Creek but were told that they were with their loved one, now deceased, at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where the body awaits a post mortem examination. Blanco was working with John Penner Meats located in the community of Shipyard in the Orange Walk District for some fourteen years. Police are seeking two men in connection to this latest murder.

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