Imagine getting the opportunity to shop till you drop even if means shopping for one particular product. Sounds exciting right? Well, this morning one lucky Grace Kennedy customer from Orange Walk had the opportunity of a lifetime as she won a Wheelbarrow Shopping Spree. Meaning that she was allowed to grab Grace Kennedy Products off the shelves of S.P Store for free. Mine you; she only had five minutes to do so. Here is how Consuelo Tuyul did.


Screen_shot_2013-10-25_at_7.43.16_PMIrvin Aragon – Reporting

Consuleo Tuyul makes the wheelbarrow shopping spree look easy right? But in realty it’s not, yet the difficulty of the game was the last thing on Tuyul’s mind as she ran down the aisles of S.P Supermarket and filled her cart with strictly Grace Products.

Irvin Aragon – Reporter

“Díganos cómo se siente ahorita?”

Consuelo Tuyul, Winner, Grace Wheelbarrow shopping spree


Irvin Aragon – Reporter

“Cuales son algunos de los productos que usted pudo escoger?”

Consuelo Tuyul, Winner, Grace Wheelbarrow shopping spree

“Pude escoger el condense milk, el evaporated milk, el powder, el coconut milk, kétchup, el used toki, malher, instant powder u muchos otros productos.”

Irvin Aragon – Reporter


“Como le va ayudar?”

Consuelo Tuyul, Winner, Grace Wheelbarrow shopping spree

“Pues me ayudar para Christmas. Si se me hizo un poquito difícil para escogerlos.”

We are sure that by now most of you would have liked to be in Tuyul’s shoes. Imagine filling your cart with Grace Products which at the end you will get to take home. In these hard economic times it’s as if Santa arrived early.

But how did Tuyul become the lucky winner of the Wheelbarrow Shopping Spree? Well, for one, she sticks to her Grace Products and at the end of the day it paid off.

Luis Riveroll, Assistant Brand Coordinator, Grace Brand

“It was a summer promotion that we had labels on specific products and what the labels did, it gave you a testing code and you just test it and it was like a raffle, it was randomly we chose a winner one for each region, one for the north, one for the south and one for central and one for the west right.  The testing finished last month and so tis entire month we have going through this entire country doing the shopping spree, this is the third one already one more is left. They have five minutes to shop for Grace Products and they can only grab two of each product but as you can see our friends over here she did wonders with just two of each item right, so just five minutes and all our grace brand stuff and all the full works.”

After running up and down the aisles, Tuyul walked out of SP Store with over four hundred dollars’ worth of Grace Products.

Grace Kennedy Belize Limited is holding the Wheelbarrow Shopping Spree across the country.

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