ffbIn last nights newscast we brought you some of the back and forth between the government of Belize and the Football Federation of Belize. Just to recap, the FFB was decertified by the National Sports Council through a letter which stated that they were no longer recognized as the official national body for football in Belize.

Yesterday the FFB fired back in a release, claiming that, and I quote The Football Federation of Belize has learnt via the media that the FFB is suspended as a National Association. The FFB has been very quiet regarding the attacks by the Minister of Sports, the media and from others on FFB issues.

The FFB hereby informs the general public that the Federation was registered in accordance with the Sports Act. The National Sports Council kept changing the requirements for registration. There are many Associations that are not registered other than the ones mentioned on the media.

The FFB seeks to have the National Sports Council clear the situation and present the facts. There are grounds to be suspended and we have not been informed of such grounds nor have we violated any of those grounds.

The FFB stands to be corrected, however until all legal issues have been cleared; the FFB shall and will continue to represent Belizean Football for Belize.”

So thats two versions of the story from the National Sports Council and from the FFB, but yesterday Prime Minister Dean Barrow weighed in on the issue at his quarterly press conference.

Dean Barrow Prime Minister of Belize

“I don’t see how they can, apparently there are processes I’m not as familiar with the issue clearly as the minister of sports, but there are processes that have come to a head and that have resulted in the sort of decertification of, what’s Mr. Chimilio’s organization called., the FFB and so it is my information that in those circumstances the team can’t style itself to national football team and from I gather that isn’t so much a question for government that FIFA would not allow it, there would be some consequences I gathers visited on Belize but as far as I know they can’t do it.”

The first game against Montserrat in Trinidad and Tobago is scheduled to be played on June 15. The return match is scheduled for June 19th and will be played on the FFB field in Belmopan.

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#1 Lou 2011-06-10 21:23
Wake up Mr. Prime Minister ,How the hell you know what is going on in your country? This means you not doing your job right and Let our boys play football ,to represent us in the CONCAFF . Also to hell with chimino ,he does not own Belize or the FIFA. . WHAT A SHAME FOR OUR BELIZEAN IN THE U.S.A. TO PAY TO SEE OTHER TEAMS LIKE MEXICO ,COSTA RICA PLAY AND NOT BELIZE BECAUSE BARROW AND CHIMINO DOES NOT AGREE. . TO HELL WITH BOTH OF YOU AND LET OTHER SMART BELIZEAN DO YOUR JODS. PROUD TO BE BELIZEAN !

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